Monday, January 24, 2011

Calcification of My Writer Bones

Wikipedia defines calcification: the process in which calcium salts build up in soft tissue, causing it to harden.

This is exactly what I’m experiencing in my writing life.

This is an arduous field to be in, this publishing business.

I enjoy celebrating as dear friends like Katie Ganshert make announcements like she’s able to today (I love this woman tremendously). But I’m human. I’m soft tissue and sometimes watching others move ahead on the path can be difficult. My salty tears cause me to harden my resolve. I challenge myself with questions like, am I in this for good? Will I continue to take risks even when the road stretches out longer than any road the Beatles sang about?

Want the answer?


Because resolve is building inside of me. It’s calcifying in my bones—this beautiful resolve that springs from understanding cheering others on can be just as glorifying as receiving the rewards myself. Determination seeps into these bones, a mental and spiritual Vitamin D bolstering the exact skill set needed to keep on keepin’ on. Writing fuels me. It’s my passion. I dream about my stories and wake up excited to see them play out on the page.

No one said this industry would be easy.

And I’ve been blessed beyond belief already. Blessed having written five novels (technically I’m 4K shy of completing the rough of my fifth, but anyhoo). Blessed with publication. Blessed with deeper friendships born from walking this wild terrain together. Blessed witnessing these friends reach desired goals. Blessed with meeting wonderful contacts swollen with potential to get me where I hope to go. I’m blessed with fight and stamina.

Sure, no one said this industry would be easy, but I’m certain it’s the industry for me. So I walk in it. And with every step, every tear shed, every word typed my writing bones calcify and I’m more confident than ever I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to do.

What strengthens your resolve?

*photo by flickr
**swing by to congratulate
Katie. She’s like a sister to me!


  1. Such a beautiful and honest post, Wendy. It is always a bittersweet feeling, having elation for our friends but feeling this little twinge that we wish it could be us next time, and then feeling guilty for it. My resolve is strengthened by fulfilling the potential God called me to. And that might not be signing a publishing contract tomorrow, but maybe, one step at a time, it will mean that some day. Love you, friend.

  2. I absolutely adore your passion for writing and persevering. I can always count on you to encourage and inspire me over here on "Thoughts That Move." I'm blessed to know so many writers like you who are slowly but surely paving their own way in this crazy world of publishing.

  3. Wow, your honesty is so amazingly refreshing. Sometimes it's hard to keep pressing forward. Extremely hard. Only God's intervention has nudged me along, or else I would have slipped off the side of the road, long ago.

  4. Hang in there! I love calcification! It can be good or bad, but you're taking it great!

    Have a great Monday!

  5. I am strengthened whenever I hear God remind me that this is what He has called me to do. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time. I struggle at times, feeling as if I need a token for good to prove that this is, indeed, what God called me to do.

    Then...just when it seems like an impossible dream, a random person looks at me and says, "God wants you to know that He is going to use your words."

    And I smile.

    Thank you for writing and sharing this post. It was needed.

  6. This is awesome, girl. And I get it. I so get it. Did Katie get a contract??? Heading over there now!

  7. Amen! Stories like Kaie's and Keli's strengthen mine. TAnne said she wrote ten books! So when I hear that, I forge ahead cause like you, I'm finishing my fifth.

  8. You have a wonderful heart, Wendy. Thanks for speaking from it once again.

    I'm sooo happy for Katie and am dancing today on her behalf. I anticipate participating in many more happy dances as you and others of my dear writer pals share good news this year.

  9. I echo what Keli said. (I've done that already once before today! :) )

    You are like a breath of sweet, fresh, prairie air to my winter-jaded, snow-socked-in heart.

  10. Oh Wendy I have you in my heart and I'm lifting you to the Lord everyday. I know how hard waiting can be and how desolate it can feel. Trust the things Jesus is telling you and never give up on your dream. You are so sweet and wise, I just know the Lord has GREAT things planned for you. And he truly does care about the desires of our hearts. *hug*

  11. I love how real this post is. Wendy, you're such an awesome writer--and knowing people like you, who forge ahead even when there are hard parts, strengthens my resolve. HUGS!

  12. Wendy! This post is amazing. Calcifying bones. See? This is why I have no doubt your day will come. You have an AMAZING voice! I know. I've read your stuff and you, my sister, have talent up the WA-ZOO (I said it...yeah, I said it. LOL!!).

    We think so much alike. I understand this waiting. I so understand this calcifying. You put it into words so beautifully.

  13. Stories like Katie's strengthen my resolve - that it IS possible. That it DOES happen. And stories like yours, of perseverance and faith - that I CAN do this, because YOU are, and so is SHE, and HER, too! Beautiful...

  14. What a perfect way to describe it. I am rowing along in the same boat, but I agree with what you said. Being surrounded by those who are one step ahead just seem to propel me to catch up and walk along with them. God does have amazing plans for each of us!

  15. Understand right where you are Wendy and confess to many of the same emotions- okay ALL of the same emotions. :) But I agree with the calcification of my writing bones as well. I'm getting stronger and we are only guarenteed this one day, why not make the most of it to prepare for tomorrow? The waiting will be over in time and it only makes the prize that much sweeter.

  16. I see your comments on several blogs I visit, and today I came over from Katie's to see what you might be saying here. I have arthritis so the first thing I thought when I saw 'calcification' was aching joints. LOL. But the analogy is still a good one. Stiffening. Moving carefully with purpose. They can be positive things.

    I haven't done a lot of waiting yet but I know waiting can wear on the soul. I try to focus on what I have control over and leave what I can't control in God's hands. Be blessed by the waiting, Wendy. Our time will come.

    Carol Garvin

  17. Wendy,

    I appreciate the honesty in this post. All in His timing.

    And you truly are a beautiful writer. I absolutely love reading here every week!


  18. Hi Wendy -

    If you could package that determination, you'd make a fortune. :)

    When I see others succeeding, it gives me hope. If so many of my friends have achieved their goal, then I know it's possible for me also.


  19. Wendy, from reading this blog for the last two years I have no question that God is working behind the scenes. You are a beautiful writer, and I see your heart for God and His people through your words.

    Remember the scripture, "He who has begun a good work in you, will complete it."

    Love you dear sister!

  20. I have so many things I want to say:

    1. I know firsthand how much talent is in those calcifying bones--you have what it takes. Your time WILL come.

    2. Along with the talent is generosity--you are such a generous person.

    3. Along with the generosity is more talent. Did I mention you're a very gifted writer? Oh, I did? Well, you are.

    Excellent post. Love you and can't wait until you have big news to shout to the world!

  21. Dear Wendy,

    Thank you for your beautiful and honest post.
    Trusting God is so easy when things are going well, but it's when times are tough that trust is hardest to come by - and yet needed the most. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I needed to remind myself of this today.

    I know your time is coming. You have the most amazing voice and the most lovely, lyrical style of writing. Your time will come, but while you wait, calcify away so you'll be strong for the road after 1st sale!


  22. Yep, yep, calcium city here. But keep on, there's a ministry for us to do. Blessings**

  23. I'm several steps back from you... still hoping for publication of my first novel... thankyou... this is a great post. xx

  24. Kindred soul! Thank you for your sweet perspective and honesty. I think many of us are saying amen!

  25. I was thinking about you the other day, and what an excellent writer you are, how God has gifted you and you are using those gifts to bless Him and others. You rock, Wendy.

    I pray your feet will stay on the path He has for you, where nothing but goodness awaits.

    I love you dearly,

  26. "I’m blessed with fight and stamina." I think that your own words sum up what I have been blessed with my own self. I can empathize with how you feel because I have been there myself and still am in watching others living out the things that I may have wanted for myself. But the scripture that I would like to share (even though I am not sure where it is at in the bible... so sorry) is the one that talks about how this race is not given to the swift, but those to endure to the end. I think that in society so many things are instantaneous and that we as humans have become conditioned to want things to happen so quickly, but I am learning that things really only happen in God's timing and really that is the best time. I praise God that you are able to rejoice with your friends even if it does sting you a bit on the inside. Tears are only natural and show us that we are in fact human. Nevertheless, I also praise God that you are blessed enough to at least know that you are in the right lane because there are people out there who don't really know what their purpose is. It is awesome that you have come so far in the writing world because I myself have not even come so far, but in time I hope to get there! Be blessed Wendy and hopefully in time you shall be the one that we are all rejoicing with! Yay! :o) Remember to stay strong and to always try and keep the faith! xoxo!

  27. Thanks for this honest and encouraging post! You are the best!

  28. I hear you loud and clear on this Wendy. It's a hard business -- I want so badly to be published; and I experience that mix of joy and envy when I see others step more sprightly along the path. I'm with you on this one, sister.

  29. You are right where you're supposed to be. I already feel the tears of joy I'll soon shed for you, stuck in this moment as a lump in my throat.

    I love you! More than you know!


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