Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Am Not (& a Giveaway)

Thanks to Pete Wilson’s recent post (excellent) I constructed a list of eight things I’m not:

Kids Craft Guru
I could never be a Kindergarten teacher. My preschooler had to decorate a drawing of a turkey at home. Can you say Cheerios? Next we had to decorate an ornament. Can you say crumbled tissue paper?

E-book or Kindle Hooked
Not yet at least. I like the smell of a book in my hands. Haven’t converted…yet.

On Facebook 24/7
I went a little nutty with it at first. It has that addictive quality about it. I still hop on every so often, but I’m not a regular there. I cheat on Facebook with Twitter.

Technology Crazed
I love teaching myself and learning more about technology. My father-in-law had a blast showing me the details of his iPhone, all the applications over Thanksgiving break. But guess what? I’ve never sent a text. Yep. Not one. I’m an old lady, really. Haven’t you figured this out by now?

Obsessed with Fashion Trends
My favorite thing to do once I come home is to get my pajamas back on. Not even kidding. I also have favorite clothing that I’d be perfectly content wearing days in a row (I don’t though—wouldn’t want to embarrass that kidlets). I smile about this trait now. My dad used to do this. It bonds us in an amusing way.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how to get my threads on. I can gussy it up with the best of them, but if I had my druthers, I’d live in my Ogunquit sweatshirt (or an old Young Life sweatshirt. Yes some of my clothes are over fifteen years old. The What Not to Wear duo would kill me) and a pair of soft PJ bottoms.

A Neat Freak
I like tidy. I like straightened. I’m not really sure what people are talking about when they say dusting. My home is not in perfect order every day. I’m not a perfectionist and I’d rather play a rousing game of Pictureka with my kids than hustle around making sure every toy is back in its “home”.

PTO President
I love my children with everything I’ve got. I’m involved in their lives. I volunteer at their schools and I make sure I’m familiar with their teachers, but I’m not a zealous PTO Mama. Just not my deal.

Up with the Joneses or In the Know about Hollywood
I honestly didn’t know who Justin Bieber was until a few weeks ago. I hardly watch any TV (with the exception of Dirty Jobs…I've been really enjoying that show lately).

And as far as Mrs. Jones is concerned, I don’t play. I’ve never been a fan of comparing. We each have our own role to carry out in the brief time we are here. Every so often I get sideswiped by a certain longing, but then God lovingly smacks me upside the head and reminds me of all I’ve been given. And I’m good.

All good.

I’m giving away a book to represent one thing I am. A writer. And if you’re one too and you want Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass, leave a comment telling me what you are not (you must be a follower of this blog to win). Random selection. Create a buzz. I’ll announce the winner Friday. (Even if you're not a writer, I'd love to read about what you are not.)

*photo by flickr
**I'm here for Sage


  1. I am NOT a PTO Pres kind of mama either. I love it that other moms are, though, and support them fully.
    I am NOT competitive--in any shape way or form. That probably explains why I stink at sports. :)
    I am NOT argumentative--and thus know how to handle people who are.

  2. I am not a person who gets jokes. After 28 years my husband still laughs at me when I say,"are you telling me a joke or is this a for real story?"

    I am not a milky toast person. Some people have assumed that because I am quiet and reserved I'm a push over, not.

    I am not competitive---just don't care.

    I am not mechanically inclined, but my husband really is!

  3. Love this! More proof that we are sisters. Are you adopted? Or maybe I am. Yes. We are definitely sisters. Oh, except for the Kindle thing. I heart my Kindle. :)

  4. you know what i love about your "I am not.." ? that it tells me who you are. a wonderful mom who puts her kids first. a great lady who leads a life that many of us could learn a great deal from.


  5. SO funny. I am NOT a cook, a baker, OR candlestick maker ;) I am not crafty in the least and I have no intention of tying perfect bows on all my Christmas gifts.

    I, too, enjoy Dirty Jobs...have a bit of a crush on Mike Rowe. ;P

  6. I could agree with all your Im nots. But Im also not a snow lover (looking out my window at it now). Great idea for a post. Now we know a lot more about you.

  7. Oh, and Im a follower!
    jancline at ymail dot com

  8. Great and beautiful post, Wendy! I'd like to be in the contest for the book, but I have to say I was going to comment even before you mentioned it.

    I am not your judge (or anyone's for that matter). I will not ridicule your choices or condemn you for them (if they're illegal or cruel I stay away), but I do not judge others.

    I also am not my biggest fan. I do judge and critique myself harshly. but oh well.

    I'm sorry, but I'm dying for a Kindle (I want to be able to carry as many books with me as possible! You can get the scriptures on it! woohoo!). And I text like a madman (maybe I'll text you!) but i appreciate people who can be honest with themselves and others.

    I truly enjoy your blog!

  9. Oh Wendy, I love your helpless honesty. We need to get together for coffee or tea it would be a blast. I think I try to embrace technology as much as possible even though it makes me uncomfortable. Plus it's expensive and speaking of which so are the holidays! My wallet is begging for mercy.

  10. I am not a risk taker. My husband is a risk taker. We balance each other.

  11. I am not a teacher.

    Some of my friends have been blessed with this amazing gift, but I simply don't have the necessary patience.

  12. Neat post, Wendy! Hmmmm, I am not a super neat freak, not an exerciser-at the moment (I know, I know) and am not a "have to have" person.

  13. Jennifer, My neighbor is the pres and I'm super grateful too. She's my go-to lady. Such a cool woman! I'm competitive in sports alone. Put any kind of bat, racket or ball in front of me and look out.

    Annette, I can't remember a joke to save my life. I have no idea why since when I meet people I mentally take notes on everything they tell me, but if a joke is included it's like it is automatically erased.

    Katie, Maybe you can sell me on it. I'll get there...someday. And yes, we are sisters! Stork dropped me in a blanket and I landed on my head on your doorstep.

    Amie, That's it--you get the giveaway. Ha! I'm teasing, but your words went deep. Thanks for them.

    Beth, Mike is hysterical and smart. Nice mix. On Twitter I initially had as a description the whole baker, butcher...yada yada as a joke but I removed it after I read a little more about the story. Didn't want it to be taken out of context. ;)

    Hi Jan, I'm not a fan of cold. I can deal with snow but when it reaches the point of appendages going numb I'm just not a fan. Unsure how I could have snow w/out cold though.

    Bonnie, I've been enjoying your blog too. That's what I love about this deal, connecting with other writers like you. And I'm even more apt to want to know you more b/c of your not being a judge comment.

    T.Anne, Yes! Coffee. Or tea. Fly with me. Come fly with me. A little Sinatra for you tonight. I swear I'm not drinking. Just in a goofy mood. ;) We'd have so much to talk about and yes, I'm helplessly honest. Wiring.

    Julie, I am. Also in my wiring. Although here's a secret, on things that are really near and dear to my harder it's much harder for me to risk than I let on. I wear quite a game face.

    Heidi, Yeah...that p word. I think God's laughing at me on that one lately. Laughing or crying or flubbering between the two. Does God flubber?

    Oh man, I'm in need of a good laugh so I make oddball jokes that make me crack up. Sorry if I'm the only one. It keeps me entertained (remember the hardly any TV comment).

    Thanks for entering the giveaway and heck, for swinging by anyway. I love learning more about who stops in!

    I hope you sleep with growing confidence of who God made you to be. In the meantime, sleep letting go of who you are not.

    ~ Wendy

  14. Karen, I'm still here. I'm with you on not having to have or being a neat freak. I like my exercise though. Keeps me sane (if you can call it that).

    ~ Wendy

  15. Love it, Wendy!

    Dirty jobs? That's so funny!

    But you need a Kindle. Like oxygen.

  16. You crack me up! I'm not any of those things either. I'm also not entering the drawing because I already have it. But someone will be very lucky! :)

  17. I am definitely not a crafty mom or a neat freak, much to my daughter and husband's displeasure.

  18. LOVE Dirty Jobs!

    I am not a marathon runner.... or a runner at all. Even though I've tried to get into it... several times.

  19. I am not a chef. I have a handful of meals I can prepare for company, including turkey dinner. And now that my teen daughters cook, they don't really even want me in the kitchen. Boo-hoo! :D

  20. Wendy, I love this list. I think we are a lot alike. There isn't a crafty bone in my body & I will never be the PTO pres. But I love to write!

  21. What a great post, Wendy. It's neat that you're able to identify things you are not and that you don't feel a need to do things you aren't called to.

    I'd like to add eight things you ARE, in no particular order:

    •able to think outside the box
    •a fantastic encourager
    •a person with a 100-watt smile
    •beautiful, inside and out
    •a godly woman
    •a devoted wife and mother

    Please don't enter my name in the drawing. I already have the book. Thx.

  22. Oh, I hope I'm not too late. It's Friday afternoon here, so I'm hoping it is just maybe early morning where you are...

    Ok, I am not the fashion trendy person. I, too, like to come home and put on the PJ's. Drives my husband crazy sometimes, so I try to wait until after the supper is over and dishes put away...and kids are in bed. But, I don't change out of them until I have to in the mornings. =)

  23. I just discovered your blog... love your thought-provoking posts and your gorgeous pictures.

    You wrote several of the aspects I'm not already.

    E-Book or Kindle Hooked: I'm right in there with you on that. I like physically turning the pages.

    Facebook: I refuse to have an account -- I've seen how others become addicted, and I figure I have my addiction with online Scrabble.

    Phone text messages: you and I must be the last two holdouts -- I've never sent a text message either!

    Obsessed with fashion trends: you named my sentiments exactly. I like looking nice and wearing the colors that allow me to wear no makeup (I've never applied makeup to my face in my life), but I have no idea if they are "in style" or not. Must be the Amish in me, still.

    Keeping up with the Jonses or Hollywood: I find I am happiest with my life when I don't compare my life to others'. And I don't watch any television and only the occasional movie. Because I didn't grow up watching it, I don't miss it.

    A little while ago I was told my hairdresser did Tina Fey's hair, and I asked, "Who's Tina Fey?" (I Googled her name so I can spell it right, and now I know what she looks like).

    I'd add to this list that I am not witty or funny... I can be if I have time to think about it, usually about 10 hours later, when I think, "I should have said..."

    And I, too, am a writer. I will be back to read more of your blog... so interesting!



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