Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chasing Superwoman by Susan M. DiMickele

What does an average day look like for you? If you’re laughing at that question right now, Susan M. DiMickele’s stories will resonate with you. In Chasing Superwoman, DiMickele explains what it’s like to balance life as trial lawyer and as a mother of three children.

Laugh out loud examples and honest reflections of what it’s like to be a multitaskaholic make Chasing Superwoman both a relatable and enjoyable read.

If ever your child has busted out naked at the most inopportune time this book is for you. When DiMickele describes a day shopping at Macy’s, I swore I was reading something right out of a page of my own parenting history. Hiding inside clothes racks. Escalators. Are you with me, moms?

And tapping into her Lady Lawyer role, as she calls it, DiMickele vents about nasty parking garages and how she’s resorted to writing in her calendar “Meeting at HS re: H&B” when she plans to attend an all important “Meeting at Hair Salon regarding Hair and Brows.”

DiMickele shares her encounters with such a blend of humility and accrued wisdom; she endears readers to her passion for her career and her role as mother. She emphasizes that while engaging in a promising career and building into her children’s futures is taxing, she doesn’t feel like she must choose one or the other. Her career and her children add to her life and God has gifted her in both capacities.

It’s been a pleasure to connect with Susan online. She wants to connect with you too. She’s sending me two copies of Chasing Superwoman to give away. To enter the drawing, leave a comment with a memorable mom moment. I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

About the Author: Susan DiMickele serves as partner in a large law firm and has practiced law for nearly fifteen years. She has won numerous professional honors, including being named Ohio Super Lawyer since 2004 and being selected for The Best Lawyers in America. She has written dozens of articles in her field and has served as a contributing author to several national publications. For the past seven years, her greatest accomplishment and challenge is raising her three children to know and love God. She is happily married to her husband of eighteen years, Doug, and they are the proud parents of Nicholas, Anna, and Abigail.

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*As a side, I’ve loved every single book I’ve read published by David C. Cook.
**Now enter the drawing for your copy of Chasing Superwoman. ;)


  1. Fantastic title. Sounds like a book for me. :)

  2. Sitting on the floor playing Barbies with my daughter was wonderful. To just stop life and be in that moment was nice. :O)

  3. Sounds great. I love laugh out loud moments, especially when they involve kids. I'll remember this title when my daughter has a child.

  4. Would love to read this book. Im putting together a MOPS speaking topic on SuperMoms and this would be great to give me insight. One memory I have is sitting in the family room and out of the corner of my eye seeing a body fly off the roof onto our trampoline. Yes, I have two boys, you can guess the rest.

  5. Oh I love Susan, I'd LOVE to win a copy!!!

  6. Hi Wendy -

    While I'm not a mom, this is a great book for those juggling a career and family. There are others who need this book, so don't enter me. :)


  7. I had a memorable Mom moment the other day when I was reading my kids an easy reader biography about George Washington. George had just met his wife Martha, who, the book noted, was a widow. I said to my four- and six-year-old, "Do you know what a widow is?"

    "I know," said my six-year-old. "It's a really short person." (The drawing of Martha in the book made her look MUCH shorter than George, which she probably was.)

    I laughed a lot, then explained what a widow actually was. "Did you know that there are spiders called Black Widow Spiders? They're called Widows because after the girl spider has babies, she eats the boy spider, so she doesn't have a husband anymore." (Yes, I'm that kind of mom. Make sure my kids know all the gory details.)

    My four-year-old daughter stared with wide eyes at the picture of George and Martha on the page. "Is SHE going to eat HIM?" she cried, pointing.

    "No, honey," I said. "I'm talking about spiders. People don't eat each other (usually)."

    "Is HE going to eat HER?"

    Okay, so I've learned my lesson: I will never again try to co-mingle a biology lesson with one on US history, especially when it involves one of our nation's most beloved presidents....


  8. Thanks for the review Wendy! So glad you can relate to those crazy "mommy moments"!

  9. This sounds wonderful. I'm adding it to my goodreads right now. There, I'm done. ;)
    One of my most memorable mom moments:
    I was very ill with my 3rd pregnancy and had just finished throwing up in a pan. I cleaned my face and sat back down on the bed. That's when my 5 yo approached with a hand-made paper crown, placed it on my head, put her hands on my cheeks and said, "You are a beautiful princess."

  10. My most recent mom moment regarded patriotism and farting. You can read about it here.

  11. Oh Jennifer, you'd love it.

    Diane, Man, I used to come up with the best Barbie sagas as a kid.

    Kathy, It's worth remembering. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Jan, This would be perfect for a MOPS selection.

    T.Anne, I'll have my kids draw the names tomorrow. Two books. Makes odds better.

    Susan, Cool that you left a comment anyway. Hope you're doing well.

    Amy, That's awesome! But, my mom and I just had a long talk today about the movie The Book of Eli (highly recommend) and George and Martha were a couple in the movie that actually did eat people. Do you believe that? My mom reminded me of their names today. Crazy these little odd connections.

    Susan, Oh my goodness, the book rocks.

    MT, That is usually when I feel most like a princess, too. After puking my guts out. ;) I love having kids. They see things we miss.

    Charming's Mama, Farting...nice. If I get back in the punchy mood I was in this morning, I'll have to swing by.

    I'm editing like crazy. Two books to refine before a huge conference. Baby steps. Baby steps.

    Thanks for checking out the book review. I'm honest when I review books, so you know you'll get my legit thoughts.

    Sometimes when our dog sleeps she extends her arms out like superwoman. And if she's having a wacky dream she'll run in her sleep.

    Here's to hoping you don't chase superwoman in your sleep. It's a fun book. Pinky promise.
    ~ Wendy

  12. my head is such a mixed crazy soup of "moments" that I'm completely stumped right now what to share...

    There was this one time, recently, when my kids were fighting so much I started to cluck like a chicken at them. I still have no idea why. But it worked for like 5 minutes of peace. Praying they arent scarred for life ;)

  13. I'm entering for Cheryl, she would like this book. Memorable moment? There are many. But last night she was up until 1 am baking stuff for a fundraiser for our daughter's golf team. (Yes, I was up, too. I guess that could also be an memorable dad moment too, huh?)

  14. Like several folks said, there are many precious moments that come to mind. A recent one that really warmed my heart was when my oldest came home from summer camp with a shell necklace for me that he bought with his canteen money from the camp gift shop. He could have used his cash for junk food & souvenirs for himself, but he bought a thoughtful gift, instead.


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