Wednesday, June 2, 2010

8 Movies in Heaven

Years ago, our pastor in Lexington, KY introduced an idea I haven’t been able to shake. Movies in heaven. He threw out the potential for us to be able to sit with God and have a this is your life moment, as the movie reel spins and we gape in surprise or delight at some of the ways we acted while on earth.

Possible? Why the heck not?

All I ask is if there’s going to be a movie room of scenes from my life in heaven, I’d also love one splashing scenes from the Bible up on some massive, surround sound screen.

On this I 8 Wednesday, here’s what I’d want to watch:

Bush Burning
Sea Parting
Donkey Talking
Bones Breathing
Baby Crying
Lazarus Rising
Curtain Ripping
Angels Singing

How about you? What scene, miracle or moment from the Bible would you want to watch on an enormous movie screen?

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  1. I always liked the part where Jesus raised the widow's son from the dead because he heard her crying and had compassion on her.
    It would be pretty cool to Him and Peter walking on water too. *grin*

  2. Oooh, wouldn't that be cool! I'd love to watch a real movie of lots of scenes! Would be incredibly fascinating! :-)

  3. What an incredible idea! Wouldn't that be awesome to almost be there for some of those scenes? I want to see ALL of yours!!

    John says that if everything Jesus did during his ministry on earth were recorded, not even the world could contain all the volumes. I think I want to watch some of that. How cool would it be to see things Jesus did that we don't even know about?

  4. Oooh, yes! I'd love to see Jesus ripping those grave clothes off His face and body, bursting forth from the tomb, and shouting His victory over that dirty, rotten devil! The Divine Moment.

    I beleive God will show us films of our lives, with the sin and shame edited out. No record of failure in Heaven, you know.

    Love this post! More, more!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness--so many scenes come to mind and everyone has mentioned some great ones! I think my favorite would be Jesus coming back!

  6. I'd like to see the stories, the parables Jesus spoke like the Party of the Prodigal Son. A celebration, a conflict with a sibling, and a resolution that teaches a lesson that God is always with us.
    Fun post, Wendy. I'll be thinking about this today!

  7. Oh my goodness...where to begin. ANY moment while Jesus walked the earth, the parting of the red sea, and Lazarus' rising too.

    My brother -in law always jokes that part of his judgement will be having to sit and watch a movie of all the bad things he did on earth--while sitting next to his grandmother. LOL

  8. Those scenes would be amazing to watch! Your post makes me ponder how I'd feel watching my own life play out. Some things would be good, others not so much.

  9. Oh! That would be awesome! I would love to see the curtain ripping and Jesus walking on water.

  10. Love this post. What a great question to ponder! You've got a great list going ... two others that come to mind would be the feeding of five thousand and Jesus walking on water.
    Blessings from Hong Kong,

  11. What a great thought, Wendy, and one that has generated enthusiastic responses. One of my homiletics (preaching) teachers said preachers should stop thinking in terms of 'points' in a sermon and should think of 'moves' or transitions, just like in a movie. In fact, he said after we have our sermon written, we should look at it again and ask, "Ok, how would this look as a movie."

  12. Hi Wendy -

    With Jesus editing out all the stuff He's forgiven, I might want to see a movie of my life.

    Biblical scenes: Jesus capturing the keys of death and hell, and leading the O.T. saints out of Paradise to Heaven.

    The new Heaven and new earth.

    Great post, Wendy!

    Susan :)

  13. Cool thought, Wendy!! I'm with you on the Bush Burning movie, also interested in seeing the Walls Falling (Jericho). Now that I think of it, Soldier's Fainting (@ Christ's resurrection) and Mouth's Gaping (@ Christ's ascension) would also be pretty neat to see!! Have a blessed day! :)

  14. How about a meditative film of the Garden of Eden. Maybe to get some "inspirational" landscape ideas?

  15. Very thought-provoking post, Wendy. Although the thought of a movie of my life playing for God gives me a bit of pause -- not that HE doesn't see it all when it's happening down here anyway!

    Let's see...I know this is sort of contrived, but I'd like to see Peter and Jesus walking on water during that crazy storm. That would be quite the scene.

    Oh and I like Joanne's idea about a meditative film on the Garden of Eden -- cool!

  16. I'd want to see the movie of Job. Talk about a deep, raw, harrowing and yet redemptive story.

  17. The Sermon on the Mount and John's visions for Revelations.

    Tossing It Out

  18. How can I chose? I want to see everything! From creation to revelation. I know-my answer's fudging....I just can't choose.

  19. I want to see Mary holding the baby and kissing his cheeks, and then I want to see her questioning him when he stayed behind at the temple ... as a mother,how did she stand the pain and the pride? I just would like to talk with her a bit. And then I am like Karen..I want to see it all.

  20. Love this post!

    I'd like to see Abraham's Sacrifice. Talk about intense emotion.

    Jericho Tumbling ... probably *not* like the Veggie Tales version with the French peas. LOL!

    And then a few from Acts -- earthquakes letting people out of jail, people speaking in languages they didn't know before -- all that exciting stuff.

    Yes, and the Curtain Ripping. Every time I read that passage, I get goose bumps. I would love to see it happening -- and the priests' reactions.


  21. I'm with Clella.

    What a thought-provoking idea. Your pastor must have been very innovative!

  22. Oh Wendy, we really share the same heart for the Lord! All of the ones you've mentioned plus I'd love a play by play of David's life. I'd love to watch him penning psalms. Does he scratch out a verse and try a new one? I'd love to know.

    As for the one of my life? *cringe* Yikes! I pray not. Or perhaps the Lord could fast forward through most scenes? Well actually He's already seen them all.

  23. Do I have to choose?

    Bones breathing--definitely!
    And the Stone rolling away!

  24. That is awesome!!

    I would surely have time to see them all! :)

  25. Interesting idea. It reminds me of the movie "Defending Your Life." :)

  26. 1. Creation
    2. The event which precipitated Noah's flood
    3. The Lord speaking to Job from the whirlwind
    4. David's deathbed
    5. Lord's glory descending on Solomon's temple
    6. Multiplying the loaves and fishes
    7. Jesus' Crucifixion
    8. Jesus' Resurrection
    (Curtain ripping would be good!)

    But if I'm sitting with the Lord, I'd ask to His favorite. I always want to know more about Him, and knowing any person's favorite movie is always telling.

  27. What a concept! I'd want to see God resting on the seventh day. I think that would be cool.

  28. I can't decide. Too many to think about -- I guess we have eternity, so we can watch it all. Great post & thanks for your comment today on Rants & Ramblings!

  29. The sea parting would be great. Moses and the stone tablets. Noah's ark - like, how DID all those animals get along on an ark? My kids can't get along in a car for a three hour trip.


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