Monday, May 31, 2010


I thought Memorial Day might be a nice time to give you another acrostic. This time I’m revealing qualities I believe make up a person of integrity.

I = Investment
Taking time and pouring into what matters most—relationships.

N = Naked (as in vulnerable…not lacking clothing)
A willingness to let go of arrogance, and conversely reveal authenticity.

T = Tenacious
After falling from the horse, having the chutzpa to get back up with a smile on your face.

E = Encouraging
Knowing life isn’t all about you and that one word aptly spoken can make a difference.

G =Giving
Not having such a firm grip on things they end up tangling you in a vine of materialism.

R = Repair &/or Refinement (toss up)
Excitement about improving…not being bored with where you are, but open to let God do His work so you’re on the way to become who you’re supposed to be.

I = Inside out
A loosened up soul, confident in God’s grace and forgiveness, sharing in an appealing way (and more often than not, words aren’t spoken in the process)
T = Timely
Discernment about when and where to speak, act, and think long and hard about something.

Y = Yearning for God

No matter where you are spiritually, a raging fire, ash, ember or candle…you are eager to grow brighter.

Webster’s Definition of integrity: 1 the quality or state of being complete; unbroken condition; wholeness; entirety 2 the quality or state of being unimpaired; perfect condition; soundness 3 the quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness, honesty, and sincerity

What do you think makes someone a person of intergrity?

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  1. Glad you clarified the naked thing. I do try to be a woman of integrity and was nervous I couldn't live up to that one... :O)

  2. Whoa, I have to wear clothes??? *grin* I guess we're not in the garden anymore. Heeheee.
    I think honesty and doing the right thing even when it hurts gives someone intregity.
    I hope you have an awesome day!

  3. I envision a person who lives in the light and embraces their personal suffering as a way to improve themselves and help others. Happy Memorial Day!

  4. Wonderful! I believe that someone who trusts the Lord for their eternal salvation, looking to Him to lead and guide, has the potential for integrity.

  5. Wendy:
    I'm too cold blooded to go without clothes.:0 Seriously, I belive a person who has integrity will do what he or she says. They don't make commitments they don't plan on keeping.They trust God implicitly.

  6. Wendy, I love the "loosened up soul." Too many times we are tight-fisted with God, not allowing the freedom He wants to give us. Great post.

  7. Diane, You do every day in the shower. Okay, enough about that. I had to find a way to get attention. People are busy today. Doing what they should be doing--remembering.

    Jessica, Love that response! Honesty...yes. Wish Integrity had an H in it.

    JeMA, There is a really cool verse in the Bible that encourages doing just that. Man, why can't I remember it? Anyway, it's cool and it mentions helping others who are suffering if you have endured the same trial.

    Karen, And that can be such a hard thing. Trusting when things look dark. But yes, I'd agree--it takes integrity to do that.

    quietspirit, Oh, I like that. Sticking to your word. Very nice.

    Karen, I'd forgotten I'd written that until I read your comment. I like it too. If only we allow Him that freedom, the mind-blowing places He could take us.

    Loosen up your soul, people. Create room for a powerful God to do powerful things.

    Whew, that was fun. I've never preached in cyberland before.

    Am thinking I need to go work on loosening up my own soul.

    Maybe God will do that for me while I dream.

    Thanks be to Him for all who served and gave their lives.

    Be free.
    ~ Wendy

  8. ...and after I removed everything for the definition of "naked" my hiney sticks to the leather chair. *durnitall*

    A person of integrity, to me, is one who knows what they believe and they live their lives as a witness to it. Not perfect...not flawless...but one who is real, open and honest with the path they are on and all it has taken to walk it.

    Many hugs...

  9. Wendy...What a beautiful post! I love the qualities that make up integrity.For me trusting when all looks dark has been a major area lately. I am allowing God to do great things in my life! Surrendering all! I have been tight fisted for too long and it so time to let go and let God!!

  10. I need to make a poster of this post and hang it over my desk! Thanks for your words of wisdom. I say a big "Amen" to them!

  11. This is wonderful, Wendy. Just like you.

    A person of integrity treats their family members the same loving way behind closed doors as they do in public. They have nothing to hide.


  12. What a great list - both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

  13. Great list/acrostic, Wendy. This was a very good idea.

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