Monday, April 26, 2010

The Marriage Project by Kathi Lipp

She’s talking to me.

That was my exact thought as I read Kathi Lipp’s witty and action-inspiring book, The Marriage Project: 21 Days to More Love and Laughter. And who doesn’t want a little more love and laughter in life, by the way?

Kathi Lipp writes with such a candid, humorous flare, I had to keep reminding myself I don’t actually know her in person. Her humility and eagerness to build a lasting marriage remind me of some of my dearest friends. One of those friends is the man I married. We read the book together. To-get-her (that’s how you get her, you read it together).

I love how Kathi divided The Marriage Project into two parts, one part devoted to preparing for the projects and the other part for implementing and acting on each project. Understanding the idea behind 21 days, the amount of time it takes to make or break a habit and reading about seeing my spouse through new eyes got my ramped up and ready to do the projects with my husband.

And why did we decide to do the projects together?

Kathi provides the answer. “We can talk about marriage all day long. We can buy books and listen to podcasts about how we should have great marriages. We can listen to sermons and do Bible studies. But unless we put some God-acts to our God-talk, no one benefits.”
And now you want to know if it worked. Here’s how I’ll answer that. Yes. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Marriage is work. I’ve never been shy about admitting that before and I feel no need to be now. Add three little kids on top of that and a recent death in the family and it becomes even more work. We dove into The Marriage Project at an ideal time. Our marriage needed some creativity and we needed to get intentional about our time together. The Marriage Project encouraged us with very specific and fun ways to reconnect.

The result: we bonded. We loved and laughed a little more and for that I’m deeply grateful.

To learn more about Kathi Lipp and her book visit:

What’s a book you’ve read on marriage that’s inspired you and your spouse to grow closer?

*I received Kathi Lipp’s book in exchange for this honest review
**blogging friend Warren Baldwin has been posting a series on great marriage books


  1. Kudos to the author for putting a light spin on the idea. All relationships need maintenance, and in the right good-hearted dose, aren't the results wonderful!

  2. Totally going to look into getting this book! It keeps popping up on blogs and in conversations, and I am definitely interested. The only marriage book I've read so far is Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts -and After. It helped Adam and I learn to better understand each other and to communicate more effectively, though we stilll have plenty of room for improvement. :)

  3. It's great to hear your review on this book. I also read Janna's a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like a very helpful book!

  4. I may have to add this to my list on Amazon. It looks great. We went through the Fireproof study and really enjoyed it.

  5. I appreaciate your book reviews. Would you care to do a shorter version of this one for guest posting on my blog in a couple of weeks?

  6. Oh, and thanks for the plug for Favorite Marriage Books

  7. You were a beautiful bride and have become a beautiful woman! I love the idea of this book. Thank you for sharing. One of my favorites is actually a talk on CD by Dr. John Lund called For Time and All Eternity.

  8. I think sometimes people think that marriage should be easy, but it takes work. Sounds like a great book. I especially loved the to-get-her.

  9. OMGosh! You look like a fairy princess in your wedding picture! The book sounds like a winner.

    On books (per comments on my blog) I LOVED the Book Thief AND Hunger Games. I have 'catching fire' on hold at the library and I can't wait. As for the Time Travelers Wife I really liked it. The writing was fresh and current, not forced or stale.

  10. I've heard about this book but hadn't seen any reviews yet. It sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing. And that picture is so sweet :)

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  12. Love that photo, Wendy--I can see the adoration in your eyes for your man.

    This sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for the review.


  13. Good review. I love that picture! I'll keep a lookout for that one. Thanks

  14. Wow, your husband read it with you? LOL That is soooo sweet! This sounds like an interesting book and I like the premise that these things need to be implemented in order to be effective.
    Great review Wendy! Thanks.

  15. You two look so sweet! I'm going to add this book to my TBB list. Sounds wonderful!!

  16. I've got this book on my Amazon wish list. Looks like a winner.

    I think it's great that you and your hubby took some time to focus on your relationship and that Kathy's book offered some helpful tips.

  17. Great post! I've heard several good things about this book.

    Hmmm. I actually like Fireproof for the focus on Christ's unquenchable love and His example.
    Marriage at the Lacy house is all about servanthood, two first children giving in. And sometimes it's not pretty!

  18. So what kinds of things does this book have couples doing? Curious minds want to know!

    The picture of you and your hubby is beautiful. I hope you frame it.

  19. What a great review! I have been looking for a good book in this department. Thank you so much! Hope your having a great Monday! xoox

    p.s. Love the picture!

  20. This sounds like a winner. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the links. Haven't read any good marriage books lately; I may need to check this out.

  21. What a lovely, thoughtful review. Thanks so much Wendy.

  22. Sounds like a great book! Definitely worth checking out! I've read a few reviews of it - must mean I need to get it! Thanks for sharing your heart. And I love the wedding pic you attached! God bless!

  23. Wendy:
    We have been married 41 years. It has been WORK. But, I decided to commit to it. Now with health issues in both our lives, we look at things differently than we did earlier.

  24. Well, I am not married. I am only 20, but I just started a blog about a week ago that I absolutly love.

    The books called If It Hurts, It Isn't Love And 365 Other Principles To Heal And Transform Your Relationships by Chuck Spezzano.

    Every day I am writing a short blog post about one of the principles. I love the book!

    Check out my blog if your interested in this- the book is better, I am just journaling about it so the concepts sink in :)

    My real blog where I write about everything going on in my day is called My Silhouette.

    Hope this book recommendation helped!

  25. I heard Kathy speak about a month ago... it was a night filled with great insights and tons of laughs. I haven't read her book, but it sounds awesome.


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