Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I 8 Wednesdays—Useless Things

Today you get a list of the top eight most useless things found around my house:

Blue bulb syringe
Cheese grater. One word: ouch
Eyelash curler
Remotes—I have no idea what they control
Cords—I have no idea what they attach to
Toe separator for painting toenails

Baby burp cloths
Chestnut in a junk drawer (add about 400 more things found in my junk drawers)
I'm sure you don't have anything useless in your house, do you? ;)

*photos by flickr

**thank you for your prayers and love over the past few weeks


  1. Oh, my gosh. I think I have those same things in my house. Including some rechargers for cell phones we don't even have anymore. :)

    Been thinking about you. Pray you're doing well.

  2. lol, you still have burp cloths laying around? Too funny!
    Useless things in my house? I don't know 'cause I hide them where I can't see them. Heeheee!

  3. Ha! I still have the blue bulb used to clean the babies noses!

  4. I think I've used my cheese grater once. Eyelash curlers scare me.

  5. The cheese grater--definitely useless! LOL, now that you mention it, I have a food processor I haven't used in years because the blade broke. I always said I'd buy another blade, but instead I buy shredded cheese and chop by hand. Hee hee. Another trip to the trash bin!

  6. I have way too many useless things in my house. The things on your list are also on mine.

  7. We just recently threw out a toaster oven that was over 25 years old. And lately I've been picking up pens that are out of ink! (Which I guess is a good sign, someone's been writing?)

  8. I could make a list of probably 1000, lol. I am nothing if not a junk collector. But I'm definitely not as bad as my cousin's parents. Now, they can collect! :D

  9. I bought an eyelash curler last year and I've hardly ever used it and I like Joanne's pens that are out of ink, plus crayons that are broken and in pieces.

  10. Toe separators...definitely. I'im getting rid of those at my move since I never use them!

    I use a eyelash curler everyday, on the other hand. Makes my eyes look more open and less sleepy!

  11. So funny, Wendy! Of course, none of MY stuff is useless, but my DH has a ton of things that gather dust and cause me consternation. Oh, well. He's a keeper in spite of all his junque.

  12. Funny! My eyelash curler is actually hard at misuse. I wish it worked!!! I really, really, wish it worked. *sigh*

  13. sometimes I feel our whole HOUSE is useless, except for those pictures of my babies, my books, that special shawl given by Mom...

    You get the picture, right???

    What a fun and thought provoking post. Usual fodder at this place!!

  14. Wait. Why is the cheese grater useless? We use ours like every day! And yes, I have so many useless things, it's not even funny. Let's just say I can't park in my garage...

  15. Plenty here. I am a slight pack rat. I still use my cheese grater and do get a bloodied knuckle on occasion.... :O)

  16. I wish I had more useless stuff so I could get rid of it and make space! Unfortuneately, with seven people in the house, even the most useless object must stay because of one person's attachment.

    My husband's stack of old magazines comes to mind ... ;)

  17. Those baby burp cloths can make handy cleaning rags! :-)

  18. Do old, old computers count? My hubbie can't seem to get rid of them. And old candles...even when their smell is gone. I just think-maybe if there's another hurricane, I might need'em. But 2 drawers full???

  19. Useless stuff at my house? It depends on whom you ask. Our son just returned from a vacation. He bought me a tall cup with the name of the city he visited. Then he bought US a regular size mug cup showing one of the tourist sites he went to. I started a collection of china coffee mugs in the 1980's. I have cup racks full. I have a cabinet that overflows. But I like the cups. One day, I'm going to have to start weeding them out. BUT THEY AREN'T USELESS,I do drink herb tea and hot chocolate our of some of them.

  20. Jennifer, Thank you. And rechargers...that's a good one.

    Jessica, The burp cloths are technically folded neatly in the upstairs pantry but hidden from my view so I get the hiding bit.

    Tamika, I used that so much I probably dried my babies noses out.

    Julie, I used mine once too and ouch.

    Georgiana, Broken blade--nice. You might win this one.

    Susan, It's always nice to know I'm not alone, even in things like this silly list.

    Joanne, Sometimes toaster ovens like this cook things in such a perfect way, it's hard to rid of them. I cringe to write...but maybe yours really was toast. ;) Pens with no ink...a pet peeve for me.

    Lauren, I love that you pointed to others who could put your junk collecting to shame. Next time we want names. :)

    Patti, The last time I used my eyelash curler was in many microscopic germy things are on it? Time to go. Also, we have a cool ministry someone started at our church to melt the crayons into cool designs, sell them and make money so those who have to visit family (kids) with cancer have money to pay extra hospital costs, like parking and lunches, etc. Such a cool ministry. Crayons for Cancer.

    Ronnica, Then I should be using mine b/c my eyes always look a little sleepy.

    Jeanette, Love it. Speaking of dust...I should probably get around to doing that again someday soon. ;)

    T.Anne, My husband was born with the lashes that look like he used one. Lucky boy. And my girls were blessed with his lashes.

    Patti, Get that picture 100%!

    Elana, That cracks me up about the garage. And as for the cheese grater...I'm spoiled. Once I found the hand held grinder kind I never went back. Knuckles thank me daily.

    Dear Diane, Sorry for the bloodied knuckle. Love, Cheese Grater. P.S. Buy the hand held kind. I'm useless. :D

    Anne, Reminds me of the chestnut. I just can't bring myself to toss it. I know at one point I used it as sort of a worry stone, rubbing it between my fingers. It calmed.

    Sarah, I found one in the basement and brought it upstairs today and now I just need someone to tell me how to clean. ;)

    Karen, Yes, they count. Really anything counts here. How sad, a candle without a scent. That's just not right. You are so prepared for a romantic bath during a hurricane. :) :D

    Oh people, it's so good to discuss light things during such a heavy time. Thanks for humoring me once again. It felt good to blog again, even though on something useless. :D

    I thank God for rich sleep.
    Meaningful good-byes.
    Hope for greetings.



  21. quietspirit, Didn't sign off yet. Sounds like cups are to you what spoons are to me.

  22. Oh, I'm sure I have plenty. :0) No matter how I try to throw things away, they collect themselves in unusual places.

  23. I have a million useless things that stay useless until I throw them away. Then I suddenly find the need for them. >.<

  24. too funny...I totally relate to this list...and that stuff continues to sit there...for no reason...until that one day....I'm looking for something useless and then can't find it...Happy Easter.

  25. I try my best to minimum the junk, but there's still so much!

  26. Oh man.. the eyelash curler is top on my USEFUL things! LOL It gets good use in my house :)

  27. Some things on my list would include seashells gathered from trips years ago, memory cards that go to who knows what kind of electronics anymore, diapers & wipes(we don't even have any children!), and a few old cellphones/cameras that may or may not still work, among tons of other useless items I have acquired over the years!


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