Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Words Are Like...

I finished reading The Book Thief last weekend. Powerful book with deep-rooted messages. I found the writing beautiful and the descriptions creative (swampy eyes). I cried after the standover man chapter. It was evident throughout the book the author believes in the power of words. I do too.

Words are like…
Kaleidoscopes…dazzling others with their shifting affects
Chameleons…fooling others with deceit
Tires…capable of
treading lightly or wearing away
Pool sticks…with the power to set things into motion
Brown eggs…rare and treasured in their fragility
Corn on the cob…shucked to reveal deeper meaning
Scythes…slicing into hearts
An empty bench…waiting to be discovered
A reflection...revealing things of the heart
Ginger root…snapping the senses to life
Disease…spread unintentionally, causing great harm
Dandelions...a weed one moment and a wish the next
Water…for the thirsty
Birds…taking to flight


Here are three powerful quotes on words--
"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." — Mother Teresa
"I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions." — James A. Michener

"I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." — Markus Zusak (The Book Thief)

Your turn. Words are like…

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  1. ...tender hands, reaching into the heart of God, plucking up a treasure, sharing it with impoverished souls. Souls like we, before we found His heart.

  2. I loved THE BOOK THEIF, I thought it was one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. I really appreciate beautiful writing. I'm not really that kind of writer though. For me, words are just tools to tell the story.

  3. I like your new blog look!

    Words are like...chocolate! I love chocolate. How are revisions going?

  4. I'm missing some of my regular visitors. So grateful for those who've stopped by. My blog is not showing up on reading lists and I'm irked by that.

    Jeanette, Lyrical. Poetic. Beautiful.

    Natalie, I appreciated the writing as well. Lately, I feel that way as I edit, but deep down I believe words hold a lot more power.

    Katie, Why tank you. Chocolate--craving little Dove chocoates right now. Revisions are shaping up. At first I felt daunted. Am now feeling like I can say, "Who's the boss around here" to my beginning. ;)

    Hoping to hear from some other lovely faces I'm used to seeing. I hate technical issues. My control is limited. Urgh.

  5. Love your new background!! Very pretty!

    And words are like. . .JEWELS. . .to be discovered, cherished, polished, and displayed for others to enjoy.

  6. Here's one of my favorite "words" poems.

    Look out how you use proud words.
    When you let proud words go, it is not easy to call them back.
    They wear long boots, hard boots;
    they walk off proud, they can't hear you calling.
    Look out how you use proud words.


  7. Words are like clues. You need to put them together before they make sense.

    Love the look of your blog.

  8. a scalpel, piercing the heart and mind. The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword . . .

    Our own words are sharp to. We must be careful to use them to heal and edify, not to wound.

  9. the river of life. SO necessary we cannot live without them.

  10. Words are like...worlds...waiting to be unlocked. I love words. I like reading them and seeing the pictures they paint. I also loved The Book Thief.

  11. Wendy:
    Words are like great big arms. They wrap around us and draw us in.

  12. Words...are like beads.... waiting to be strung together.

    This is from a yet unwritten book that I started years ago, but have yet to finish. I used the simile to describe a character who liked to express herself with eloquent speech in conversations.

  13. I love the quotes, and I love words! I'm reading The Book Thief now and I couldn't be more captivated. The words lull you to a far away place, filled will types of interesting people. A delightful read.

  14. ...echoes through the ages, setting things into motion. Wars, love, famine, dreams. Words are the catalysts of nations, the armaments of poets, and the rich drips of nourishment for the lover.

    This is a great post, Wendy!
    Happy Wednesday,

  15. What a very cool post!

    Words are like tools. Some create and some destroy. Some are lovely and some are hideous. They're all addicting.

  16. LOVED The Book Thief!!! Death as the narrator was sooo cool and sooo hard!!

    Words are like shards from a broken kaleidoscope. Piece them together in the right way, and you create an amazing mosaic.

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  18. I really want to read that book!

    Words are like paint. :-) Different colors and hues, mix them together for different effects and they can create masterpieces or they can create nothing that makes sense, but each word, each color is unique in its composition and the image it gives.
    I had to think about this but now I know the answer. Words are color. How simple. LOL Thanks for the post!

  19. Cool blog change. Words are like, chocolate, some bitter and go down better with a bit of sugar. Some dripping sweet, and can sicken others if used too much. Most, (and I know this by experience) are just right, and finding new flavors are so much fun!

  20. You've said it all, and beautifully so.

    I loved loved The Book Thief. It's a top 10 of mine.

  21. Words are dangerous, poisonous things. But professed from the right lips, bring joy to the lowest, happiness to the saddest, and light to the darkness.

  22. Jody, Tanks. I thought of treasures, but I like jewels better.

    Rosslyn, I especially liked the bit about the boots...created a strong image.

    Thanks, Patti and clues...original.

    Cassandra, I like. I once wrote something about the Word being like tweezers. Scalpel. Some days I can just imagine God saying to Jesus and the Spirit handing Jesus the pluck some gunk out of me.

    T.Anne, You are speaking my language. Water. Words. A melody! Probably why I so loved Peace Like a River.

    Elana, I like...worlds waiting to be unlocked...jimmied or pryed open? Such a phenomenal book.

    quietspirit, God's words, yes. YES!

    Arlee bird, You make such a valid point. While I can write those things about words, I don't picture myself saying them. Would be curious to know someone who spoke like that--bead lady.

    Tamika, A powerful read...delightful...too heavy for that word in my eyes, but certainly the descriptions tickled me at times. Rudy! Love him.

    Jen, Reason number 567 why I love how you write. ;D

    Nisa, Addicting. Oh, I'm gonna be thinkin' on that one!

    Patti, So much of it is about the piecing together. I've found that as I edit...getting it right has become more important than I ever thought it would. And yes, the Death POV must have been tricky.

    Michelle, Come back. Come back.

    Jessica, I would pick up a book with that title! Words are color.

    Karen, Agreeing with the idea some can be used too much and can sicken. Great point and thanks about the is my favorite color.

    Tess, Thank you. It's a book I'll likely read again down the road (and I don't do that often).

    Lauren, Beautiful. Am so wanting to know more about those "right" lips. All I can think of is Jesus.

    Must say, I am so glad to have the reader list thing grooving again. That was annoying. Am celebrating the birth of my niece tonight. All day I've been anxious to know more...I'm learning to get proficient at waiting.

    Life is waiting.

    Here's to hoping you all sleep knowing tomorrow you start with a clean slate.

    ~ Wendy

  23. Mirrors. They reflect the appearance of the heart.

  24. Wow, this gives me ideas. Where would we be without words?
    Thanks and blessings,

  25. I love that Michener quote. I haven't read this book yet, but I want to!

    Hmm, let's see ... Words are like a creek: smooth and slow, babbling and quick -- a cacophony of opposites.

  26. Wow, I love words too. This post was a feast for my senses.

    Thank you for your gift to my heart tonight.

  27. Yes! So well put, Wendy.

    Like an opening, allowing entrance into wherever the reader lets the words take them.

  28. Words are water to a thirsty soul, hope to an empty heart, affirmation pushing doubt out of the mind, a touch of love to someone far away.


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