Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thin Places by Mary E. DeMuth

*Special Thursday Book Review Post*

Thin Places by Mary E. DeMuth is probably one of the most honest books I’ve ever read. Here is one author who trumps the fear of revealing life mistakes, vulnerabilities, and pain for the betterment of the reader. As I read this book I thought of how God told Paul, His power is made perfect in his weakness. Mary provides chapter after chapter of confessional stories, while indirectly encouraging readers to examine their own spiritual growth.

When I read in the first chapter how the Celts define a thin place, “a place where heaven and the physical world collide, one of those serendipitous territories where eternity and the mundane meet. Thin describes the membrane between the two worlds…where we see a holy glimpse of the eternal—not in digital clarity, but clear enough to discern what lies beyond” I knew I’d enjoy this book immensely. And that I did. Mary’s memoir seamlessly flows as she details some tragic and life-shaping events in her life and how they became thin places.

Mary DeMuth bestows a gift. She invites the reader to partake in the journey with her. Her writing is conversational in nature, to the point where I wondered more than once when she crawled inside my head. Her life is a testament to God’s healing and His loyalty. I understand this powerful memoir as a selfless act of obedience. It’s a brave work written by an honest soul.

I enjoyed the book so much I want you to read it…so I have a challenge for you. I loved the title Mary chose and the reasoning behind it. In three sentences or less tell me what you’d name your memoir and the significance behind your reason. I’ll have my writer friend review the comments and select the most capturing title.

If you win I’ll send you Thin Places for free! Challenge ends Sunday. I’ll announce the winner on Monday.


  1. This is the second rave review I've read for this book! The title did grab me instantly, I will mull over your challenge.

    Thanks Wendy- I really want to read this book.

  2. I second everything Tamika said!! Not surprising...she is a smart cookie, that one :) I'll be back...for sure!

  3. OK, I really want to win this! My memoir? An interval of Time. Why? This is a blip in God's eternity. My life is but a vapor. I look forward to seeing what the rest of God's never-ending time piece has to bring. I can't wait to see how He shines.

  4. Nicole Baart reviewed 'Daisy Chain' a few months ago, and she did a small feature on Mary's memoir, too. I have this on my wishlist at BAM. As for my own memoir, I've actually thought about writing one before. But to do it now would be writing an incomplete, dead-end tale of a chained and conflicted person still trying to find her way. With that being said, I actually started messing around with lyrics in my head one day driving home from work, and when the chorus section came up what came out was: unwind my chains. So, at this moment, if I were to write a memoir I would title it 'Unwind My Chains' for all the times I worry, and make myself paranoid over such minute, insignificant problems - the bigger ones, too. I've wrapped myself up and entangled myself so many times worrying over things that haven't even gets exhausting; I can be so exhausting. And it's something I'm so tired of from myself. 'Unwind My Chains' is a plea and a prayer, a confession that I can't do anything alone, a testimony that I need God to help me.

  5. I'm glad you found a book you like well enough to share. And the name is great.

  6. Wendy, I reviewed this book too. I even had dreams while reading. So I guess she did crawl in my head! Boy that's a tough question you asked, but don't need the book. Great review.

  7. I've heard how good this book is! Thank you for the review.
    I wish I could answer your question. A few months ago someone else (or maybe even you, lol) asked what the title of our memoir would be.
    I have NO clue. LOL
    I didn't know the meaning behind her title. Thanks for sharing that!

  8. Excellent review, Wendy. And hearing how much you enjoyed her writing makes me think I certainly would.

    It's not going to sound all that fresh, since it's my blog's name, but I'd go with Something She Wrote. I think it has a personal feel, with a direct idea of content. And it fits, because so much of life turns back to writing for me. All of living inspires me.

  9. Wendy:
    I also reviewed Thin Places and I really couldn't put it down. I read it the day it came. She touched my heart. I find myself praying for her.

    If I was to write a memoir,I believe I would call it " Issues but Few Regrets." I have tried to live my life in a such a way that I would have no regrets about what I had to do or didn't do.

  10. Oh, great question! And I so want this memoir, hmmm... Unconditional... because seems like I've been searching for the unconditional love from family, friends, etc. The unconditional love I found in Jesus, the unconditional (unreserved) way I try to live my life and give out my friendship and love... There's so much of that theme running through my life and I think it makes a catchy title.

  11. I just released my story Dec. 2009 and already sold over 100 copies. It's called In the Eye of Deception. I grew up in a religious Jewish home but both my parents beat and bullied my sister and I. I was later kidnapped, held for six months and raped by a man who claimed to be god's chosen. His parents were well known evangelists. In the Eye of Deception is coming to know Truth. His Truth broke through the darkness of deceit and lies.


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