Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ten Little Confessions

On Monday I hosted author, Rachel Held Evans. She provided wonderful insights about how to handle memoir writing. I thought I’d air a little of my own laundry today. Key word: little.

You know the song, Ten Little Indians? One little…two little…three little…

Today I’m posting Ten Little Confessions:
  1. I’m obsessed with having soft hands. I apply hand lotion 2-3 dozen times a day.

  2. In the 1980’s, I had a poster of Corey Haim hanging on my wall. River Phoenix and Johnny Depp were up there too. Thank you Tiger Beat magazine.

  3. When my girls act up in the car I’ve been known to (on a rare occasion) turn the music up loud to drown out the noise (excellent coping skill and parenting, right?).

  4. I wear wool sweaters I owned in high school. They are still “stylish” and I find them too comfortable to part with.

  5. My first apartment consisted of a total of five pieces of furniture. (Come to think of it, it might have only been four.) I loved it.

  6. I saw Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch in concert. Yes, yes I did.

  7. I sing as well as a dying goose.

  8. Toys move to trip me in our house. I’m constantly bumping into things. My husband tries hard not to make faces, but I see him laugh every time. Every time.

  9. I can croak like a frog. Yes, yes I can.

  10. Still not sure why I do this, but as company is getting ready to leave I’ll ask an involved question. Jackets are on, door is open…out pops my random question.
Ah, that feels better. Anything little thing you want to confess?

*photos by flickr

**Happy Birthday to my little one. God is so good.


  1. Who is Marky Mark?? Did you just make me old??LOL
    Confess? I hate it when my husband eats out of the sherbit containter--even if he is the only one who eats it!

  2. I love that you've seen Mark Wahlberg in person! And good choice on the Johnny Depp poster. If I had the teen years to do over again, I'd replace my N*Sync, Leonardo DiCaprio and Savage Garden posters with him... and Robert Downey Jr.

  3. Johnny Depp was a looker on 21 Jump Street wasn't he! I personally fell in love after Benny and June!

    I love confessions!

  4. As long as the music you're turning up in the car is NOT Marky Mark, then it's probably ok ;)

  5. Happy Birthday, little one!

    Love your list. Little tidbits like this seem insignificant, but they all make the bigger whole - and I love learning it all!

  6. Ah, good ol' Tiger Beat Mag. How many times I cooed over its pages ;)

    And, I've been known to hike up the volume in the car as well. We moms have to do whatever it takes to maintain our sanity sometimes.

  7. Happy birthday to your little one from me too!

    Confession time, eh? Well, my husband loves it when I make this Duck face, it would seem.

  8. I sing like a dying goose too!! Love your list. I most definitely will have to steal the turning up the music really loud when Brogan gets to whining.

    I won a burping contest in 6th grade.

    Eileen's duck face comment had me laughing. :)

  9. I've never tried the loud music in the car technique, but I'll have to give it a try. :-)

  10. Tiger Beat Magazine! I haven't thought of that in years! My best friend would get that and myriad other mags and we'd pour over them! Her walls were plastered with hair bands. Mine had Indian Jones :) But I would not have said no to a River Phoenix poster. Sigh. RIP.


  11. As in big hair bands of the 80s. I laughed when I thought of someone thinking of plastic hair bands used to keep your bangs out of your eyes :)


  12. I actually stood in line long enough to get a get get Corey Feldman's autograph. It was the 80's...and he was cool in the 80's.


    Happy birthday to your little one!!

  13. LOL! I love your confessions.

    I use Germ-X like you use lotion. 20 times a day. I'm convinced it's why I've only been sick once in the past six months. That's a huge feat as I teach 700 DIFFERENT kids every four days. Who knows what they have, right?

    So yeah. Germ-X. I'm keeping them in business by myself.

  14. Oh me too with the hands! I just discovered a new lotion called CeraVe. It works best after you wash and dry your hands. At first glance I didn't think too much of it, but it last forever on your hands, non greasy and is awesome!

  15. Thanks for being real and sharing:) Number 3 - do they quit acting up or just talk louder? Number 10 - I do this with my kids; my husband graciously pointed this out to me years ago. They may not be leaving the house, just headed out of the room to do something...maybe it's partly a mom thing?
    Hugs and blessings!

  16. I'm confessing to your 1, 2, and 3! Oh yeah! Loved Corey Haim. Ha!

  17. A Tiger Beat buddy. Mine was Duran Duran. And I use the volume button all the time.

  18. I LOVE your confessions, especially the hand cream fetish. Mine? Perfume. Do not feel dressed without it. Sigh. And I like the good stuff. With names that contain French words or anything by Bond.

    Great post, as usual!

  19. I'll let you be the confessor today. Heehee. Interesting stuff! Croaking like a frog, that's kind of cool. My boys would love it. *grin*

  20. Ooh, I had those posters, too. And don't forget Corey Feldman!

  21. Between the honking like a goose and croaking like a frog I think it would be super hillarious to hang out with you and, well, sing. Purely for entertainment purposes :)

  22. You are too funny...laughing... I have to have a Kleenex next to me anywhere. Yucky allergies and stuff.

  23. Headphones and closed eyes to drown out life when I sweat the "little" stuff!!

    And I must confess that I've not listened to any of the music you mentioned! Too old you say??!!

  24. Terri, Kristin helped you out w/ that answer. The sherbit container, huh? That word is so funny to spell.

    D.L., It's a special talent.

    Kristin, He really is a phenomenal actor. Not sure he was on the Jumpstreet, but he's grown well into his skin.

    Marybeth, I saw that. He swings on a wrecking ball or no, wait...what was it he was swinging on?

    Joanne, That was fantastic! Feel it, feel it, feel the vibrations!

    Janna, It's important for people to know these things. I agree though, some things can say so much. Ribbit.

    Tess, I'll break out in an aria if I have to.

    Eileen, Now that is a tease. You need to post a picture of that!

    Katie, Can you do the alphabet? When we meet in person we should sing together--blow 'em away!

    Sarah, I'll be curious to see if it works.

    Jen, That is funny and I thought River was so cool (Johnny too). I had to add them. Corey made me sound kind of dorky and of course I was anything but.

    Bina, Okay, I'll out with it...he was up on my wall too.

    Elana, Nice one. I'm convinced I hardly get sick b/c I don't get a flu shot and I don't drink milk. I'll throw that "theory" into a post one day. ;)

    T.Anne, You are too cool to suggest a good one. I've tried so many. My hands aren't dry, I just can't stand not to have them feel soft.

    Karen, It's completely ineffective. Talk louder, throw name it, but I've had a moment of "good vibrations". I think to your other point, it's my weird way of saying I don't want them to leave yet.

    Jill, You and me, woman.

    Patti, So good to know.

    Patti, (this is a first, one right after another), I love smells. I'm very into perfumes as well.

    Jessica, I always thought I'd make a really good mom for a boy. I love the outdoors and can't stand gossip.

    Melissa, I was kind of trying to...thanks. He was up there too. Can I make it 11 confessions now?

    Ali, I'm very entertaining and hilarious. I can pretty much guarentee your amusement! :D

    Karen, I must have allergies. My nose is always running, but I've never looked into it. Toilet paper works just as well as Kleenex in this house. ;D

    People, I think I might have just failed at my attempt to bake cupcakes for little one's preschool class tomorrow. I made muffincakes.

    It's fun, commenting on your comments. I could write all night. But I won't. I have to go solve the muffincake situation.


    ~ Wendy

  25. Donna, I'll try that closed eyes trick the next time I'm on the road. I bet it'll work like a charm.


  26. this is too funny. I've done the loud music too in the car and wear sweaters from when I was a teen. You're right too comfy. Great fun post.

  27. Well... as long as it's little:

    I can bark like a dog. Want to do a concert?

  28. Heck no techno!! But that was fun reading!

  29. I love #10! So funny!

    Thanks for airing some of your "dirty laundry," Wendy. I feel like I know you a little better.

  30. Terri Tiffany makes me laugh! I know exactly who Marky Mark is. Whenever I see him in movies, I call him by that name and not his real name!

    I also stil wear sweaters from high school! There's nothing wrong with that. :)


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