Thursday, September 17, 2009

Art Fantasy

Which of these famous pieces of artwork would you hang in your home? Not which piece would go with your current décor, not which one would fit on the wall somewhere, not which one would be the least likely you’d mind getting trashed by your children.

We’re living in an art fantasy today. You get to choose based on preference, your preference. Ah, refreshing, isn’t it? Select one and then tell me why you chose the one you did.

It killed me not to pick one with water in it because I have a mad love affair with water. But the one I’d hang would be the lady reading. My reason: Her expression tells me she’s more than lost in that book. A close second would be the folks chilling beneath the pink blossoming trees. My reason: I honestly don’t have a good reason. I just like it. That’s allowed here too. And of course anything with water in it would be next.

So have at it. What artwork are you going to have delivered to your house?

*photos by flickr


  1. I feel like I should know their titles - the Monet one is on the tip of my tongue! Starry Night?

    I'm most drawn to the woman with produce. I can't say why, or exactly what thoughts it conjurs. Maybe that's why. Because I get no first impression, which bodes well for long viewings and brainstorms.

  2. I like the first one. I love the colors and it relaxes me to look at it. :)

  3. Hey, Wendy! Definitely the one with the water. I love nature--especially water--so much that I could sit and stare at it for years!

  4. But none of them have gnomes in them......just saying....

  5. I'd definitely choose the woman reading. I love the expression on her face.

  6. pink blossoms... definitely! I love the color pink - I love flowers (especially on trees) and I just plain love the painting!

    2nd choice would be the woman reading because she reminds me of myself :)

  7. Yeah, I'd definitely go with the one with the stars and the water. It's fascinating. It makes me want to go there and see why I'm so intrigued.

  8. I am drawn to the one with the pink flowering bushes and the secluded couple under them. It reminds me of my idea of sanctuary and sharing it with my husband.

  9. Van Gogh's Starry Night on the Rhone, for sure. He is one of my favorite artists - and stars are one of my favorite parts of nature!!! Beautiful!

    A close second would be the one with Venice at the bottom - always wanted to visit there!

  10. Like Donna, I am drawn the to "secret hide-away" beneath the beautiful pink blossoms. It makes me think that the trio beneath found an escape from the world around them...a place to sit, share and hope that no one else finds you. I can relate, after a summer home with the kids, as sometimes you just want a place that is yours.

    I love that you make me think, Wendy...I pray YOUR today is full of good thoughts from our Lord.

  11. I'd go with the last one. It takes me to Italy, lazily moving along in a gondola. Yes, good imagery...though I'm not sure what exact place is pictured there.

  12. Definitely the stars over the water. Brings me right back to the beach, sitting on the boardwalk at night looking out over Long Island Sound. Very transporting ...

  13. Oooh, this was tough, but I finally chose #1. I love the use of color, and it takes my imagination away. This is the scene right before Jesus returns. The golds and blues... yum!

  14. I used to have Van Gogh's Starry Night hanging in my house! Now, I'd want the top one with the water because the colors do something to me, and I also want the pink flower one because it's so beautiful!

  15. Starry Night for sure, but would prefer a piece of original art from someone I know personally.

  16. Oh, hello there. I can see your faces now which is kind of nice and kind of strange all at once. :D

    Janna, I liked her enough to put her up there. I don't know the names of them. Me & remembering names...not so much.

    Jennifer, that one struck me too and I fought not to write that as my first. All this internal stuff keeps my head busy.

    Kristen, I doubt years. Oh, you weren't being literal. :D Sorry, punchy.

    Marybeth, I'm really going to have to get to the bottom of this gnomes fettish.

    Lazy Writer, I second that. Oh, wait...I actually firsted it. Firsted? It's my blog, I'm allowed to make up words at will.

    Lauren, pink and I don't usually dance all that much, but that one picture snuck in and snagged my attention.

    Cindy, maybe you could go there in a story?

    Donna, ah, romantic. Meanwhile, my husband is traveling and I had to decide which of my two daughter's soccer games to attend...yikes! Okay, I'm back. Good choice and sweet reasoning.

    Beth, stars are such mysterious decorations, aren't they?

    Bina, I love stirring thought in others. I liked the casual way they were sitting.

    Welcome Regina. Being on water is one of my all time favorite feelings, so I'm with you on that last one.

    Joanne, and when you and I look up at the stars we are probably seeing a pretty similar picture. :D Glad to see you around here.

    Jeanette, I love that you wrote yum about colors. You are too much fun!

    Jill, I'll call the delivery guy to send them over. Isn't the mind a wonderful place to roam?

    Angie, hey! Great job on that contest woman!!! Wish I could draw something for you. Do you get into stick figures? :D

    As always (or for the last seven months), I'm thankful to have you along. Sometimes I wonder when my thoughts will ever pull over and catch the scenery, but they keep insisting I move on. I hope I don't get pulled over for speeding.

    Sleep well. Slow down so I don't have to and come back for the rather unusual One Question Friday tomorrow.
    ~ Wendy

  17. I like the water night scene. I love the blues and the touch of mystery and yet calmness of the night. My imagination runs more with this picture than the rest.

    Ah the stories...

  18. The woman reading is what stuck out to me. I am an avid reader so I would have that one delivered to my house because it reminds me of me.

  19. Wendy, I'm immediately drawn to the pink blossoms. I'd love to be sitting there myself. Peaceful.


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