Monday, July 20, 2009

Sleepy Bear

I’m a sleepy polar bear. I’ve been in a car too long. I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule tomorrow. Please stay tuned for more blog awards, a wackadoo new game I created when traffic got really bad on the roads, a review of the book Scared and more!

I look forward to getting back in the game. Go, Fight, Win (and no, I was never a cheerleader).

Also feel free to visit Live Beautiful to read what I managed to write even though I have car brain.

Question: What do you do to help make the time go by on a long car trip?


  1. Day dream. It's one of my absolute most favorite past times. Especially when there's good music on the radio. :)

    Glad you made it home safely!

  2. Travel days are movie days for the kids. So I find that I can get LOTS of writing related work done! It's awesome! And my hubby and I can chit chat!

  3. If I'm not reading, I'm helping my husband drive with verbal commands. :0 Or sometimes I sketch the landscape.

  4. Movies and playing Beaver. That's when you hunt for Canadian flags and yell out "Beaver" each time you spot one. THe one who spots the most wins.

  5. Ooooh, a game! I love games!!!!

    When on a trip, me and my hus talk our faces off. We talk at home, but being on the road with no distractions or interruptions is a different setting.

    We always find out new things about each other on a trip, and we've been married 34 years--- imagine! ( I was five when we married)


  6. I make lists on trips.

    My husband and I have made more lists than you can shake a pencil at during long road trips. Those lists have helped us determine whether to take jobs, leave jobs, move away, stay put, enlarge our family, and through the lists,
    we dream
    and dream,
    and dream some more.

  7. Katie, I love to turn the music up loud when I'm alone in the car--windows down are a must, too.

    Jody, I came up with a short story idea a few blog posts, and a critical scene in my WIP. I agree, car trips make for good thinking/writing time...waiting on a lap top.

    Karen, love it--verbal commands! How very cool about the sketching. I've always wanted to be gifted at art or music. God had other plans. :D

    Eileen, I'm just not sure we'll run into all that many Canadian flags in these parts. :D Fun idea!

    Jeanette, you created a moment when my kids had to ask, "Mommy, why are you laughing so loud?"

    Jennifer, so you have dream lists. Have you ever made a bucket list? I know it may seem strange but I have. I'm intent on making my time here count (more on this when I review the book Scared by Tom Davis).

    Man, must admit I missed you guys. Before I get all emotional (of course b/c I'm tired and not a sap) I'd better go write b/c I am so excited to have my computer back.

    See you tomorrow. Same place & who knows what time. :D

    Sleep. Rest. Have peace in God's everlasing merciful LOVE.
    ~ Wendy

  8. Looks forward to tomorrow's post. :D

    I generally daydream and/or talk my poor husband's ear off. O:)

  9. Listen to books on CD of course ;-)

    Can't wait to read your review of "Scared." I started reading it while I was eating dinner out on my sanity night. NOT recommended. Had to stop (eating AND reading...and cry. Oh my!) I know it's going to be a good, but very tough, read.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's (today's) post.

    Blessings & JOY,

  10. While the kids are all so little, we have a lot of conversations--talk about family to-dos, hopes/dreams, and concerns to work through. When the kids were even younger, we used to take road trips just to HAVE some adult conversation time. The kids would usually konk out, leaving us with an hour or two of quiet chat time. I also do a lot of reading or even typing on the computer in the back of the van when our youngest is needing me to be next to him.

    As a child my parents had all sorts of car activities for us. I remember counting windmills, trying to find as many state license plates as possible, and my mom used to have us make up stories about old abandoned farm houses we'd pass. She's say, "Ooooh, look at that lovely old house. Tell me a story about who used to live there." That was kinda fun!


  11. I LOVE to make a goal to read through a whole book on a car trip. Now, though, I'm more likely to be a driver. Then I might listen to a book or listen to groovy tunes on the radio! (Notice my hip language?)


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