Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Riddle Me People

Now you’re getting to know me. And you know what that means—the good, the bad and the downright goofy. Yesterday some of you revealed how you pass the time on long car trips. Several days ago on our trip we hit a snag of traffic and I found it a perfect time to invent a new game. Understand, I’m not going for a patent, don’t really have intentions to develop this game and am about 70% positive a game like this already exists, but what else was a mind to do during that ugly glob of traffic?

So here it is: Riddle Me People
I created words out of the names of famous people. The point of the game is simply to identify the per
son. Complicated, right? :D

I’ll give you some examples of the 40+ I came up with and then I challenge you to come up with some of your own riddles.

Sees her a gust us
Flan airy oak on her
Hairy it tub man
Catheter and high gel (I know a stretch, but fun)
A bra ham link in
Neigh pole lee ann bone a part
Hand able lecture
Walt twit man
Hill a reek lint in
Dry light I sin how her (another stretch, but still fun)
He lives a beth bear it brow ning
Go when lisp alt row
Jen her al corn wall lace
All over when doll homes
Elf is press leaf
Cries toe fur column bus
Flow wrens night in gale

Feel free to make guesses.

Now it’s your turn! Have fun and Riddle Me People…

*photos by flickr


  1. I do these with my students at the end of the day when we're waiting for busses! so much fun. I'm pretty sure I know most of yours. Nice job!! I really like Catherine Heigl. :)

    Here is one of my favorites (I didn't make it up)

    Aisle oh view Wendy! ;)

  2. Lol, I've never heard of this but sounds like fun!

  3. Wow! You are way more creative than me during long rides!!

  4. Very inventive! We'll have to try that the next road trip. I suspect it'll reveal the generation gap between parents and kids.

  5. How about:
    Deal lie lea
    Mow seas
    sand peat oar
    All buy bull characters.
    Hey, this is fun Wendy! Thanks, a new game.

  6. I love this game! Reminds me of mad gab. :) *hearts word games of all sort*

  7. Aisle oh view too, Katie! I so belong in your 5th grade class!

    Jessica, yes, it was fun. Ask my husband--not so much. Wonder why I'm sharing it with all of you?

    Jody, I bet not. I bet all your kids are quiet and play peaceful games b/c you've prepared ahead of time. :D

    Eileen, good point. They may not know some of the old folks I put on there.

    Karen, love the buy bull characters! That gives me an idea of a game to play w/ my kids--thanks!

    Danyelle, I'm with you. Wendy + Words Forever or as my daughter would write Words = my BFF.

    Thanks for being playful with me today. I was a lone soldier with this one in the car. Kids = too young. Husband = Not a lover of words.

    Come click back in tomorrow for my thoughts on a powerful book!

    ~ Wendy

  8. Such brain power! Excellent and very fun stuff. On long trips, we like to sing way off key and at the tops of our lungs to music. I usually make a new 'trip cd' each time we take off somewhere.

  9. Hello to you,
    Thank you for stopping by...Your foot out the window? See I still need to balance, feet out windows might take that option away from me.
    Good to see you, hope you are doing well.

    Lori @wherewelisten & Hereallalong

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