Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Chapters: Part 3

And so we meet the end. Again, not really. Today, we’re just wrapping up my life chapters. I’m so curious if you’ve tried this exercise. Writing mine makes me wonder about yours.
And so to finish with a bang:

The end
23 The Union
24 Seattle Reign
25 Move to Suburbia
26 What Big Eyes She Has
27 Balancing Act
28 Her Own Day
29 Gaem Knodel & MOMS
30 He Gives and Takes Away
31 He Was Doing a New Thing
32 Return to the Stomping Grounds—Flood of Stories
33 An Unlikely Reunion

So, there you have it, my life in the antithesis of a nutshell. Instead, I unraveled a ribbon of titles on you, probably leaving you scratching your head wondering what the heck THAT title meant. Well, that’s where the story comes in, the heart and the meat of it (why does this make me think of an artichoke?). And that will come. Not now. Not today, but someday…when I write my memoir. Someday…

Can you give me any titles from the later third of your life?

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  1. Hey! I'm only on for a few minutes, but just wanted to stop by. Your series this week is a really great idea! I thought of one title really quick:

    How in the World Did I End Up Here?


    Have a great day!

  2. Here is my last third summed up. Thanks for this exercise. It has been really great for me to reflect on all that God has done in my life.

    24 Wandering
    25 Baby vs Business
    26 No Longer Lost
    27 All Work No Play
    28 House of Pink
    29 Wagon Train Heads West
    30 Renew Relax Refresh
    31 Mommy's Meltdown
    32 God Isn't Finished with Me Yet

  3. These have been such cool posts, Wendy. What a cool excercise.

    Ch. 23 Love Rekindled (not Ryan, but with writing)

  4. It sounds like you have had a wonderful--though hard at times--life. I love your idea, and the stories your titles hint at. :D

  5. Epilogue: Meanwhile back at the restaurant....

  6. Here's a few of mine:

    25. The One
    26. On Being British
    27. Oui'
    28. The Big Day
    29. The Rat House
    30. In Love with a Green Eyed Man and a Blue Eyed Boy
    31. Moving on Up
    32. The Scare of My Life
    33. Living La Vida Loca

    Now write that memoir lady! :)

  7. This was a great series of posts. I think I'll have to come up with my chapter titles, just for fun. I'd post some here, but I haven't done it yet. :) Can't wait to read your memoir someday!

  8. These posts really got to me. Such a terrific idea! And I enjoyed reading your titles. I'll throw a few more of mine in here:

    29. Darkness, Pain, and Fear
    30. A Glimmer of Light
    31. Toddlers and Smiles
    32. Not Where I Wanted to Be
    33. A Pocket of Peace
    34. Virginia?
    35. Toledo?
    36. Time to Reach for the Stars

    Too cool!

  9. Hi Wendy! I've enjoyed reading the titles of the chapters of your life this week and would definitely be interested in reading your memoir when you write it! You've got some interesting looking chapters!

  10. Kristen, fun title...something I'd want to read more about. Hope you come back soon.

    Get Real Girl, I love reviewing how God has worked in my life, too. Your chapters are intriguing...House of Pink & Mommy's Meltdown. :D As I wrote on your blog, I'm glad God's not done w/ me yet, either.

    Thank you, Marybeth!

    Katie, and what a love it is, eh? Glad you've enjoyed the life chapters exercise.

    Danyelle, you probably guessed correctly on some, b/c yes my life has been both beautiful and broken.

    Suzanne, oh, you can't do that...that is too good--now what does it mean???

    Beth, The Rat House and the Scare of Your tell more, if not on here on FB...I want to know more. Waiting for God for the green light. It's clearly red now. I'm sticking with my characters, mostly b/c they're sticking w/ me.

    Thank you Lazy Writer! I'll be curious if you end up doing the exercise.

    Jill, I'm loving that you tried it. Darkness, Pain, and Fear and A Pocket of Peace...again, am screaming to know more. My husband's family is from the Toledo area.

    Jody, thanks for your words and for stopping by here so often. It's always fun to see your comments!

    I am a believer that self-awareness leads to more insightful writing. This exercise pushed and pulled me on that. Thanks for those who attempted to title some of your own life chapters. Someday, at the true end for me when the book is closed there will be one word left, one beautiful word...Heaven.

    Come on by tomorrow for a related One Question Friday!

    ~ Wendy

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  13. Wendy, I nominated you for an award over at my blog. Congrats!


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