Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life Chapters: Part 2

Midlife. Well, not exactly because I’m starting at age 12 and ending at age 22. But when I break my 33 years out into three parts, today we get the inside of the sandwich. Day 2 of my life chapters experiment. You’ll read my titles for those tenuous impressionable years. You may feel like you want to decode some of these titles. I think even I am still trying to decode some of the titles I chose. The key for me was to capture an aspect, feeling or memory of each age and title it.
And now for the “middle”

12. Stairway to Heaven
13. Awaiting Death
14. Loving Someone Who Swallows the Moon Whole
15. I’m Not Alone Here—The Birth of Hope
16. The Bible in a Year
17. A Seed Planted & Litmus Lessons
18. Aristotle & That Guy from Animal House
19. Checking my Reflection, Then Walking Away
20. Surveying Hilton Head on a Borrowed Bike
21. Distinction of Honor
22. Close Calls

How’s your list of life chapters going? What would some of your middle look like?

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  1. I can think of one in particular for 1990, Agape Love.

  2. Ch 14: mistakes
    Ch 19: meeting Jesus

    Great stuff, Wendy! You definitley have some intriguing chapter titles.

  3. I love your chapter titles! I'm not sure I could be that creative....

  4. this is so neat!! my middle 3rd would be 8-16 ... a few of my chapters would be


  5. ah, the middle. Hmmm....

    I'd say:

    Dance Fever
    Biology 101
    The Big Apple

  6. Great chapter titles. My middle--I think I'm there now.
    Recreating Life without Children
    Living through Job Loss

    Hmm,-sounds pretty blah, huh?

  7. Loving these posts Wendy! I would totally read your life's story.

  8. Hmm...Close Calls. I'd like to read that chapter. It sounds interesting!

  9. I am in middle life. Here are a few:

    Joy in the Storm


    Starting over

    Discovering new gifts

    Wendy; you inspire me!

  10. Eileen, cool--thanks for adding one. Agape, the word just sounds like welcome and warmth and open love.

    Thanks, Katie. I bet I could subtitle every chapter of my life, mistakes. How thankful I am that God would want to be my editor, whiting them out with His GRACE.

    Marybeth, I bet you could. Try it for each year. It's fun. What are we betting, b/c I'm in the mood for some chocolate? I win. Send chocolate. :D

    Lauren, I got ya on the moves, but those have been with my husband and children. In the past ten years I think six years could have that title. Enough, right?!

    Tess, you've sparked my fever--I love to dance. I'm at weddings out on the floor by myself if need be.

    Terri, not blah, NO! You have treasure chests of wisdom to bestow upon younger moms. You've survived! Pass on the tools to survival.

    Beth, I would totally send you a copy whenever God gives me the green light to write it.

    Lazy Writer, that was the year of my bad car accident. How much do I love that you picked a chapter?. You are going to skim through my memoir, aren't you? :D

    Poops, there's that word again! You crack me up, woman! Discovering new gifts sounds rich and promising! Thanks for your kind words.

    Tomorrow, we tie a bow on my life chapters. Thanks for playin' with this like a cat plays with a ball of yarn.

    I'm glad you stop by. I'm glad you read. My thoughts can be a lonely place without you. They are at their best with God!

    Wishing sweet dreams to float through your open window!

    ~ Wendy

  11. Love those titles! So glad you stopped by and found me so I could find you. Sounds like you are a writer as well. :)

    Nice to "meet" you,

  12. What a neat idea. I really have no clue. Not sure I reached my middle yet. LOL I love reading the others' chapters.
    I know I'd have a specific chapter about a certain event that really changed how I see people, in a bad way but also a good way. LOL I know, that makes no sense. I'm fixing to head to bed anyways.
    Cool post. :-)

  13. My life has three chapters:
    1. Before Christ (until age 23)
    2. Discovering Christ (next 3 years)
    3. Surrendered to Christ (age 26-46)


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