Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Want Answers

Say the word flummoxed. Fun, isn’t it? Go ahead say it again. I won’t tell. Well, that’s what I am and I want answers. Here are the top eleven (I know arbitrary number, isn’t it?) mysteries I would like to explore. If you happen to have rich insight about any of the following please do tell more.

And now for the list that flummoxes (just had to get it in one more time) me:

I once heard humans swallow seven spiders in a lifetime. When are we doing this, in our sleep?

I realize cats don’t really have nine lives, but do they have a heightened resiliency that protects them from dying in an instance another animal might?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Anyone try it?

Anyone have an explanation for what goes on in the Bermuda triangle?

    Who named the Seven Wonders of the World and why did they choose the seven they did?

Chicken or egg—enough said.

Why is the male seahorse the one to carry the babies (the impregnated one)?

I also heard kitchen sinks are covered with more germs than toilets--NO!

What is the island on LOST supposed to represent and while we’re at it—what’s with that black wispy thing?

What were people seeing when they insisted they saw the Loch Ness Monster?

Is a dog’s mouth really cleaner than a human mouth? I’m pretty sure I can provide evidence to refute this one with my own dog.

What mystery flummoxes you?

*photos by flickr


  1. LOL! I need this today. I just got done venting on my blog. I needed a little laugh.

  2. Remember the owl from the tootsie pop commercials? Too funny.

    And, you're right, flumoxed is an excellent word. What flumoxes me? Hmm...why children cant just get along in the summer time? they're supposed to be HAPPY, right?

  3. Lol, that spider one freaks me out! And the germs on the kitchen counter top. Yuck!!

  4. Lol, good mysteries! I am STILL wondering about that black wispy thing on LOST. And about the spiders...I think I heard the number was higher than seven. Ick! They crawl all over us while we're sleeping. Good thing we have no idea what's going on! Reminds me of Vietnam. There were little lizards everywhere and every night when I turned off the light by the door I wondered how many were going to join me in the bed that night. Lol!

  5. AH! Spiders! I heard three spiders, on average, are in a jaw of peanut butter. All chopped up, I'm sure. And since I could eat a jar of peanut butter in one week, I probably consume more spiders than the average human.

    Licks to the center ofa tootsie pop... I tried this once, when I was bored at a volleyball tournament. One of my teammates and I sat around licking a tootsie pop. I think I honestly got about 1000 and gave up.

    What flummoxes me?

    Where is the leak in our does my bathroom floor get wet everytime I fill the tub to give Brogan a bath? I don't see a leak. It just sort of magically appears.

    Why isn't chocolate in one of the four food groups?

    And this last one is really a doozy:
    If I got into a spaceship with never ending fuel, would I seriously just fly forever? Forever and ever? I'd never reach anything? Like in the tRuman show when Jim Carry runs into a wall. Seriously, this creeps me out.

  6. These are great! I loved reading them! (I found you through "Filled with Praise". Congratulations on your award!) I had heard the one about the spiders too, and my question has always been who figured this out and how? Are people being stalked in their sleep? Maybe there really is a "Big Brother". haha!
    I hope you have a beautiful day! ~ Cory =)

  7. This is just what I needed today. Yesterday was very hard for me. Thanks for the things to think about.

  8. Why do a man and woman seem so much alike before the wedding and so very different soon afterwards? And how do so many stay together? (God HAS to be the answer to that one.)

  9. Coffee. Who was the person (in a world where people died all the time trying out new foods....) who decided to take a red berry, open it up, crush the seed, steep it in hot water, and drink the bitter stuff? One brave soul....

  10. I gave up on Lost cause I couldn't figure it out anymore! UGH! And as to those spiders??? Must be in our food-- a leg here--a tentacle there.

  11. I'd have to agree with Tess's comment. Why are my children bickering so much with each other when they are SO incredibly blessed with SO many wonderful people and things? (Bad morning with bickering in our house!)

  12. Hey I want answers to those too! OHHHH life's mysteries. When you figure this out please let us know!

  13. Get Real Girl, glad to make you laugh!

    Tess, I do remember that owl. We used to always tell our mom how bored we were. I think often we fought just to cure us of "boredom."

    B.J., I'm freaked by the spider one too. I mean, that was really something I could have gone through life not knowing. I figure since I found out I needed to spread the news. :D

    Cindy, your experience sounds like a book in itself! I'm so into LOST, it's not even funny.

    Katie, yummmy--peanut butter! :D How did I know you might be one to have tried the Tootsie Pop thing? Okay, I'm loving your thoughts about never-ending flying, leaking bathtubs and chocolate!!!

    Cory, Ha Ha...about Big Brother. Good question about how anyone knows that about spiders. Thank you for your kind remarks! Hope you'll swing by again.

    Doodles, thinking of you & always willing to make you think or laugh or good for a little encouraging if that's what's needed.

    Oh, Anne, I think I knew I needed to marry someone very different from myself. Had I married someone too much like myself I would go nutty. :D I see your point played out again and again in marriages. It's cool how invested in marriage(s) God is!

    Suzanne, thank you for giving me a new thought! It would take a mighty brave soul to try that out. How relieved when that person must have been dancing and jumped up on caffeine instead of rolling over with a killer tummy ache.

    Terri, oddly enough I think that may be what I like most about LOST (who am I kidding, I love a good mystery!)

    Jody, sorry you are dealing with that. We never deal with that here. My children wake up singing hymns and beg to clean my house and draw pictures of me all day. :D :D :D :D :D :D Hoping to make you laugh.

    Lady, I think I have more fun questioning stuff than getting the answers sometimes. Just how I'm wired.

    Come back for One Question Friday!

    And in the meantime, have fun being flummoxed.
    ~ Wendy


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