Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going To The City

When you work on projects, writing or non-writing, how do you tackle them? Do you jump right in? Do you plot, plan and calculate how you’ll go about the task? We’re going to have a little fun with the word city today. Which of these movies or TV shows do you most relate to when dealing with a new undertaking? *I’m basing my descriptions on title alone (or overall mood title evokes) not actual TV or movie content.

Spin City
Do you talk yourself in circles before you start, dabbling in procrastination, self-manipulation and promising yourself some sort of treat when you finish? Is there an entire dialogue and season of convincing before you even begin?

The City
Is it sweet and simple? There’s a task to be completed, a manuscript to write, a fridge to be wiped down, or a dog to be checked for ticks, so you do it. No questions. No lag time. You're on the project and you don’t resist nor do you fall in love with the idea before you commence. You just do it.

Sex in the City
It’s all about the passion. You have to be feelin’ it for the project. It has to seduce you and pull you in, helping you realize that you and the task were meant for each other.

City of Angels
It’s a God thing.
You follow spiritual direction and step with obedience. You want the outcome to be God-honoring for the kingdom, so you start in on it that way and stay with it that way.

City Homicide
You attack the task with a vengeance. That manuscript primed for editing or a carpet stain in need of cleaning has no chance of survival when you’re around. You hold nothing back, come out swinging and you’re quick on the draw--a straight shot. It takes you less than a month to edit a second draft and a full bottle of Resolve to remedy that carpet stain. You’re all business—Godfather style.

City Slickers
You laugh all the way to the bank. You crack jokes and use humor more readily than your toothbrush. Taking on something new for you is delightful and more fodder for jokes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out of your element or not, you sign up anyway. You put your best foot forward and meanwhile your mouth is thankful your foot is moving forward and not finding its home implanted in your mouth.

Lost City
Disorganized, discombobulated, scatterbrained…these are all words that have been used to describe you. No one ever asks you for directions. You are rarely asked the rules to a board game. Your memory is about as reliable as Wes on The Bachelorette (anyway…). It’s amazing you’re even able to hunker down and begin the task, but when you do you begin to find your way. Things start to look more familiar…

Which city TV show or movie best represents how you start in on a project?

My top three:
City of Angels, Sex in the City, City Homicide.

*photos by flickr


  1. i would be a mix of Spin City, Sex in the City and City of Angels! Great analogies!

  2. LOL! I think I'm City Slickers, The City, and City of Angels.

  3. I would say my top three would be City of Angels, Spin City and Sex in the City.

    I always want to feel like the task is God's will, which means I churn the idea for a while, then I wait for the passion of the project to pull me in.

  4. I'm a Sex in the City kind of gal and have to feel the passion before the writing comes! :)

  5. Hmmm... my top three:

    Spin City
    Sex in the City
    City of Angels

    What a fun post!!

  6. I am a Sex in the City person for sure. But, before long the City of Angels has to step in to keep it going:)

  7. Lol, what a fun post! I am a little bit of The City, City of Angels and City Homicide.

  8. City of Angels and the City. I love how you took each one and did this! Cool!

  9. Wendy - thanks for commenting today. I love finding new bloger buddies :)

  10. We don't have TV so I'm glad you explained each one. LOL I guess it depends on the project. I balance between two extremes: City Homicide and Spin City. Sometimes it will encompass everything in between...but it's more about the project and what's at stake than my actual plan of attack.

    Great question, as usual!

    ~Shaye @ Miller Memories

  11. I would like to say City of Angels, but most of the time it is Spin City. There are a lot of ideas floating around in my head all of the time. I have a lot of vision, but need to get a little more organized.

  12. Thanks MeganRebekah! Your word *mix* made me wonder what a medley from all three that you chose would sound like. :D

    Jennifer, yes--I see City Slickers in how you write your blog! One time you posted jokes I couldn't stop laughing at!

    Heather, loved your wording--you churn the idea and wait for the passion to pull you in!

    B.J., I was an English major...you can't write things like that and expect me not to make certain connections. :D

    Katie, thanks for playing and I enjoy reading how you write all three in your blog.

    Kara, interesting how City of Angels needs to provide continued motivation. You are making me think harder on this analogy than I intended to. :D

    Cindy, YAH! Another City Homicide...I was beginning to feel creepy by myself in that catagory.

    Terri, these are the kind of thoughts that plague me at about, hmmm, I'll say 2:00am!

    Shelli, word for word on your blog today! Notice my mention of the weasel!

    Shaye, YAH, another City Homicide (should I be worried I'm promoting this? :D) And I've stepped way back from TV, but not owning one...I'm impressed. Thanks for your continual encouragement!

    Get Real Girl, ideas float in mine too...just need to figure out which ones are worthy to swim.

    Here's to hoping you all have mysteriously pleasant dreams. Thanks for coming to the city with me today!

    ~ Wendy

  13. This is really cool! I hope I am 'City of Angels'!

  14. We must be a lot alike! I'd have to say I'm with you on your top three! (I'm especially determined!)

  15. Wendy,
    I nominated you for an award at my site.

  16. You are too funny! I never thought of this before. Let's see. I'd guess The City and Sex and the City. But I get sidetracked by life too, so maybe a little Grey's Anatomy? They seem to have all kinds of personal probs interfering!

  17. Can I answer "Sex in the City of Angels"—? I'm all about the passion for and intimacy with God.

  18. You always have the funnest ideas! I would be Spinning in The City of Angels. :D


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