Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pop Quiz – Five True or False

Today you get to test your knowledge of me. Which of the following statements are true about me and which ones are false?

  1. I almost choked on a lemon drop, but my sister saved me by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

  2. While swimming with the dolphins, one unusually large dolphin slapped his fin on the top of my head with such force I flustered under water briefly.

  3. Growing up, we owned three dogs, two cats, two birds and two gerbils.

  4. In elementary school I got stuck up on the top of a Ferris wheel for over two hours.

  5. I have never broken a bone in my body.
Have fun and leave your guesses in the comments. I’m curious how you will answer!

Feel free to leave your own T/F question for me to respond to this evening.

See, at our age we can make pop quizzes fun!

*photos by flickr


  1. Ok I take the first stab at this one.
    I think they are ALL true, except for the broken bone.

    I would enjoy hearing the stories behind the ones that are true, I bet they are doozies.

  2. I'm going to say that they are all true.

  3. How fun! I'm guessing they're all true, or very well could be! Not sure about the dolphin one, but hey, one never knows what can happen when we're swimming with dolphins, right? :)

  4. How does the saying go ... Life is stranger than fiction? I'd guess these are all true, but the Ferris Wheel one would've scared me, that seat swinging way up on top for hours! (A great scene for a book, I might add!)

  5. My guess - all true except the pets. How fun! This is very similar to that icebreaker game: Two truths and a lie. You say three things, two true, one false. And the person has to guess which one is the lie. Fun Fun!

  6. I would say everything is true except for the last one! But, then again, I don't know you! I'm just visiting from SITS...

  7. All true as who could honestly think up some of that detail???

  8. Hmmm. I don't know you personally, but this is really fun! So I'm going to say they're all true but the second one. And that Ferris wheel one is really freaky, so I kind of hope that one isn't true.

  9. Maybe all true but the first one? Fun post. :D

  10. Now for the answers:

    1. True. We were in the car when the choking began. My mom pulled over and my sister saved my life. Then we went to play tennis. :D

    2. False. Sign of a liar...too many details.

    3. True. (This is why I suffered on T/F. When I thought more about it, technically they weren't gerbils, they were hamsters...but aren't those really the same anyway.) :D

    4. False. It simply never happened. I did get stuck in an elevator for hours when I was eleven.

    5. True. Again, this is where you might get a wee bit mad at me. I'm not counting my pinky toe. Yet another reason why T/F questions always made me a tad crazy.

    So that being out there...
    Andrea, some of the stories for the true ones are doozies. In fact, I think my whole life might be a doozie...Sorry, I'm just enjoying writing that word.

    Suzann, nope...but thanks for playing. I had fun trying to come up w/ names for your business.

    Jody, do you have any swimming w/ dolphins stories you need to share with us? :D

    Joanne, I agree a great scene in a book. Fun to make up. On my walk today I witnessed a scene that is going into one of my books for sure (stay tuned.)

    Katie, I'm so weak at that game b/c I bust out in laughter and always get mixed up telling three truths or three lies.

    Jessica, I liked that you played and admitted to not knowing me. Apparently, based on my answers, I know myself very well, but still can't seem to decide whether some of those are true or false. :D

    Terri, you know me and detail. Wait, what am I saying about myself? (check answer #2) :D

    B.J., I'd say you were closest w/ your answer so I will post a link to your blog here in the next few days! Way to guess!

    Danyelle, my sister reminds me from time to time how grateful I should be to her b/c she saved my life! :D

    Thanks for playing. We'll play another game soon b/c it was just too much fun for me to make up lies. :D It was also fun confusing myself on some of the truths. Okay, wanting to go work on MS.

    Night, night. Don't let the bed bugs bite (or wasps, my sting still itches like crazy!)
    ~ Wendy

  11. Oh, what fun post! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Wendy!


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