Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reaching Out


I am really thankful for what we are learning about at church. My husband calls me a bobble head church member. Whenever I agree with what our pastor is teaching, my head nods up and down quite readily. That was me today. We just finished up looking in Romans at verses that show how Jesus was a belong, believe then behave kind of teacher.

When I think of Jesus I love to picture him laughing, hanging out at parties, healing the blind, forcing people out of the temple who were disrespecting it, holding the Pharisees accountable, chillin' by the well, bending down near the adulterous woman scratching in the sand to distract all eyes. I like to picture Jesus as he is, accepting, loving and reaching out from the very start. There is no way in all of our attempts we could even try to clean up for him. We are all a mess. But he comes to sit with us anyway, to heal us, to love us...right where we are at. Now that is good stuff!

Home Life:

  • An Irish friend recently recommended Barry's Tea (in a red box)...I'm thankful. It's good and strong.
  • The sound of my girls giggling today is irresistible...not going to write more so I can go join in.

Thankful for a God who laughs!

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