Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do You Jump In?

I'm not sure you could call it an addictive personality. I'll be honest I don't know what you call it but it has been a part of me since I was a little kid. It has only grown in me since.

Here are some descriptions that might help you know what I'm referring to...I dive in instead of stepping down the pool ladder gradually and then I try with all my might to reach the drain at the bottom of the pool. I ordered and finished an entire steak meal on a first date with my husband. While thinking it might be nice to be a part of a mom's group, I found myself creating one and then leading it.

I go at this thing called life with gusto. Why not? Sometimes this thing in me, the idea of throwing myself entirely into something has been risky (showing up when I climbed an abandoned building and made some other unmentionable decisions.)

For the most part I like this about me. I like that I don't hem and haw over the big decisions in life. Instead, I'm the pathetic one in line at the deli counter taking twice the desired time making a decision about a sandwich order because it's the little things that stump me.

But throw a tragedy at me, send a challenge my way and I'm all over it. I think there are few things more beautiful then when someone rises to the occasion. Few things do it for me like watching someone be who they are supposed to be and do it unabashed. Maybe the closest relative to the thing I'm referring to is confidence...but I know that's not quite it because I'm too much of a dichotomy in that arena.

Here's what I know...I know when it overtakes me. I've learned when to act on it and I know...

I don't do life half-assessed (play on words intentional).

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