Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chasing the Fox


I have absolutely no idea what I want to write about today. I thought of writing stories to prove I was a weird kid. Then I thought to write about how everyone always seems so desperate for spring this time of year. Those thoughts didn't stick. Instead, I think I'll write about what happened this morning.

Every day this time of year tends to feel a bit like Groundhog Day. Wake up, run around the house performing one hundred and one tasks for my children, including getting one on the bus, changing a diaper and serving breakfast...the list goes on...well like I wrote...to one hundred and one. All of this while waiting...waiting on spring...waiting on warmth.

And this happens every day. Every morning. We are rooted in routine and sometimes that can feel endless in a depressing way. But on this day I saw something. I saw something unexpected.

I was waiting for the bing from the microwave to let me know the water for my tea was heated when I glanced out the window. And what I saw next could have been something read straight out of a children's book.

I saw a fox, a splintery-tailed, auburn perky-eared fox trotting in our backyard. My heart fluttered. Something. There it is...now that is something. And then I noticed, not only had I caught sight of the fox, but our 70lb Samoyed did as well. She was following its steps with her head. And faster then I could bang on the glass to distract her and avert her chase, she was off.

Her polar bear body raced after the dashing escapee. It was a fascinating interaction from the very start. My eyes to the fox, to the dog, to the dog trying to catch the fox.

It hit me what seemed so elemental, so basic was actually something quite exciting and stirring. Every single day could be viewed as boring and routine. But life is constantly trotting all around us...we just may not be tuned into the happenings, to the exciting.

This morning I was attentive and thankfully so. I saw the chase. Heck, I wanted to dart after the fox after the interaction that I saw.

Maybe that's what I'm doing as I write this...in my own way... maybe I'm chasing the fox.

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