Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thought Attack

Because my thoughts are mumble jumbled this morning I'm guessing that's how they'll lay out in this blog too. I'm having what I like to call a thought attack (at the same time my toddler is tugging at me wanting me to write on the desk with her). A thought attack is the equivalent of all my thoughts tumbling out of my brain as if they are falling downstairs.

It all started as I was trying to sleep last night. This is why I've learned to keep a pen and piece of paper by my bed. I began to jot down all the random questions that I have. Now I plan to amuse you with my list (or at the very least convince you there is a lot in my brain that is better off coming out).

Random Questions:
What is the web dings font really used for? Does anyone ever use it?
While on a long car trip to Florida who doesn't play (with a carload of children) who can find the first palm tree?
Why was Caillou created to be such a fusspot?
Couldn't anyone think of a better way to get people to slow down for children than posting those Slow Children signs?
Who believes in UFO's...and who still believes after the "recent spotting" turned out to be sprites (flashes of light onset by thunderstorms)? Wish I had seen a sprite.
Why does drinking alcohol change some people and not others? I know alcoholism...but why are some people born w/ that gene while others aren't?
Who are the people in your neighborhood? In this technological age can any of us really answer this question as well as people from generations before ours? Thanks for this one Mr. Rogers.
I like to think about what my name in heaven might be.

Okay, so now you are getting a feel for what happens when I have a thought attack. You may be scared off and decide to abandon blog or if you're anything like me and you "get it" when thoughts run out of you as if they're pants are on fire, I hope at the very least you were entertained and inspired to think a little. Now, on to my day.

Home Life: Last night I made pancakes from scratch. I liked them, but my oldest daughter (age 7) informed me her "taste bugs" have changed and she no longer likes my homemade pancakes. I am guessing that these "taste bugs" have quite an influence on what she eats.

One last question...just what do these "taste bugs" look like in her mind?

Thanks for playing along.

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