Monday, February 23, 2009

Day One

Why did I finally break down and create a blogging account? Despite the fact that I love, I mean LOVE to write and process things, I have been on FB for awhile now and have far too many thoughts that I don't have the room to express on that site.

A word about my site URL...thoughts that move. I have always been drawn and taken by things that move, birds in flight, butterflies, the ocean, fireflies, even a balloon drifting skyward. The most pure form of movement I can think of is movement of the Spirit. In the Bible the Spirit is described in the form of a dove, a stream and as fire. As I was processing these verses in the Bible it clicked with me that each of these descriptions of the Spirit MOVE.

I am a firm believer in growing. Obviously we all physically grow each year, but how many of us can actually claim to have grown spiritually or even emotionally or mentally for that matter within the past year? That leads me to a whole other thought I may write about soon...what forces us (believers and non-believers) to grow?

There is a wonderful Chinese proverb that says, "Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still." I do value time and stillness with God, time of meditation, rejuvenation and contemplation in his light/will/word, however I can appreciate this Chinese proverb in its push. We are not meant to remain stagnant and still forever. We are here for a reason. And whether our growth/movement comes in the form of growing pains or whether it feels more beautiful like a butterfly ascending into the sky, we are meant for it. We are meant for movement.

For you, for myself, and for the sake of movement (growth) and proof of it, I plan to record my thoughts on here, my interpretations of the goings on in this world, my reflections on relationships and life as it happens. Some days the blogs may read fluid and succinct. Other days I may just jot things I'm thinking on. I am committing to no rules for myself on here other than the challenge to grow and move with the help of my God and Savior.

Thank you for the honor it is to share All in a Day's Thought.

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