Friday, February 27, 2009

Light Reading

I don't subscribe to magazines often because I'm usually immersed in a good novel. When I do decide to subscribe it has to be a magazine I get a lot out of. I created a short list of some of my favorites and why I like them.

Writer's Digest: Includes a wealth of resources on how to strengthen writing and learn publishing/agent business.

Christianity Today: I appreciate the honest and probing articles.

Real Simple: So many tips and ideas of how to create things. I like how the magazine is practical in its presentation and it is all so classy.

Coastal Living: I love to dream that I live in one of the homes by the water.

Home Life:

  • My ear finally popped.
  • Some days I wonder if all the sandwich-making, nose-wiping and homework-reviewing is making any kind of a difference. I can only hope so, more as a result of the love I try to put into the doing than the doing itself.

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