Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashley Wendy

My sisters Ashley (left) and Stephanie (right)

Today is Ash Wednesday. When I think of those words I think of me and my older sister Ashley. I call her Ash and she calls me Wends. Saying our nicknames together sort of sounds like Ash Wends Day. It sounds like our day, which is quite a distraction from who I believe we are to reflect on today; Jesus.

However, I want to share a little about my sister. She was born to be a nurse. She's a regular Florence Nightingale. While I struggle to find correct bandages for my children and have difficulty taking a simple temperature, Ashley is a natural. She's been thrown into situations where she's performed CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, and has checked vital signs of strangers on the street. She gravitated towards sports marketing jobs after earning her masters in that field, but never felt completely fulfilled. It was thrilling when she realized that nursing was for her. Last May I attended her graduation from nursing school and she's loved her job since.

I have three older sisters. Ashley is closest to me in age. She has an enormous heart and she constantly pours out. To meet Ashley is to be immediately drawn in. You feel instantly loved in her presence, well I know I do. I am a strong believer in speaking kind words about others. Thought I'd take the chance to do that today. (And thanks to my sister Stephanie who has already read through this blog taking the time to write down my songs).

Meanwhile, I'm contemplating if I am going to participate in lent this year. It's not something I've done each year probably because I don't adhere to a denomination of faith as much as I adhere to Jesus in my faith.

Blessings and strength to those who've chosen to give something up.

Home Life:

  • I'm wondering when it was that I began to be comfortable with the bus driver seeing me in my pajamas.

  • I'm ready for my right ear to pop so I can hear again (I love it when all of a sudden that happens and it sounds like someone just turned the volume up in the world around). We've all been getting over colds.

Good Day!

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  1. Love it! Love what you wrote about Ashley. So true! And I've always thought of today as Ash-Wends Day! How great we are as sisters!


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