Monday, August 26, 2019

Small Improvements

Something was bugging me. That’s usually where the inception for a new project begins. This bathroom was fine before I jumped into fix-it-mode, but that’s just it . . . fine wasn’t going to cut it anymore. (Like how I present an extra messy portrayal for the "before" pics?) ;-)

I’m constantly looking for ways to beautify my surroundings—ways to improve. This minor project ended up costing me next to nothing. I already owned all the paint for the cabinets, mirror, walls, and the floor. Pinterest was my friend, teaching me to be brave enough to paint tile.

Over the course of a few months, a few baby steps at a time, and this bathroom got a makeover. It’s nothing to scream wow over, but it makes me smile. And it feels fresh and updated.

Now if my girls would only stop trying to create toothpaste art on the counter.

Working on a project lately? Feel free to share pics.

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