Monday, January 21, 2019

Sparking Some Real Joy

Some of you may remember my obsession with finding a home for my books. I posted about it a few months ago. After putting my brain to work, I decided to establish a reading nook inside a hall closet. 

I haven’t had built-in bookshelves in the past two homes we’ve moved into. I missed seeing my books. Yeah, I know. I realize this has the potential to sound a little strange.

But people, here’s the thing (nod to Marie Kondo), my books bring me joy.

You should have seen how giddy I was when a new idea came to me—a new home for my books. And what’s even better—I created a library/craft area all in one.

A few days ago, I jumped on the project train and tackled our garage. We still had boxes everywhere, as well as all other kinds of miscellaneous items. I stacked. I sorted. I purged. I rearranged. I even painted multiple coats on the existing dingy brown shelves already tucked nicely in one corner. Then I began the process of reinventing the space. Sometimes I get so in a zone when I’m in the midst of these type of projects I neglect to take a before picture, but man, I wish you could see the difference. I’m not sure I’ve ever smiled so much while working on home project.

Say hello to my new library/craft room. Hello, books. Hello, space to be creative. Hello, pictures and memorabilia that bring me joy. I plan to keep transforming this area, but I’m thrilled with the initial results.

I hope you’re having a reflective and meaningful MLK day!

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