Monday, December 3, 2018

Which Lie is Your Precious?

This time of year we entertain all kinds of frenzied thoughts. We reflect. We spend time being grateful. But we’re likely to do something far less noteworthy as well.

We lie to ourselves.

This isn’t news. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of self-help books addressing the lies we buy into, the fears we face, and ways to conquer the beasts within. Have you ever given much thought to the superiority of the lies we tell ourselves?

Much like Gollum and his precious ring, we hold one lie above all others. And you alone are able to identify which one that is.

Worthless. Incompetent. Unable to belong. Weak. Forever alone. Tainted. Ruined. Unlovable. Not enough.

Ugly little critters with bite. But there’s one you’re constantly drawn to. One that marks you. That follows you. That teases and tempts you to believe it’s more significant and truer than all the others.

Your precious. The golden lie.

I don’t know what it is about the holidays that emboldens this lie, but it glimmers brightest this season. Maybe it’s being around family. Or wanting everything to go impossibly perfect. Or the temptation to compare with everyone else. Maybe it’s because loneliness creeps in. Longing. An overwhelming reminder that nothing on earth is as it should be. And instead of feeling hopeful, we feel dispirited.

It’s important to identify your precious. Because now is when your lie does its best to dress up, to lure, to fool you into believing it’s not actually a lie at all.

Be mindful and intolerant of this precious lie this season. Stifle it before its shine deceptively seduces. Your sanity and your spirit will thank you.

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