Monday, March 12, 2018

I Am Here

Every morning I read something inspiring. It’s my way of starting the day off right. I happen to really like how Shauna Niequist communicates. Could be that she enjoys food, wine, and fellowship as much as I do, but I’m pretty sure it’s more about how she expresses herself with a blend of both vulnerability and motivation. I love when those two traits mingle.

I had to laugh at a devotion I read the other day. In her book, Savor, Niequist writes how she used to perceive her future as a rock only to watch it turn into a magic carpet, becoming a “slidy-wiggly thing, full of equal parts play and terror.” Nodding. Laughing more. She finishes the message with this, “There is a loosey-goosey feeling to the future now, both a slight edge of anxiety like anything can happen, and a slight bubble of hope and freedom that, well, anything can happen.” If ever Ive wanted to color a big dot on a page and scream I am here, this was the page.

This is that moment for me.

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