Monday, March 28, 2016

What They Look For

*I'm on a self-imposed deadline. Will post the 2nd half of Character Development 1:01 next week. 


  1. I agree with the statement. I have personally known some people who see what they believe will happen and sound very 'down' or demanding about the way they feel. The listen for things with which to disagree and actually pick apart what they hear to only use what they can to tear the other person apart. I am sorry to be so strong in my thought; I have seen this alot and try to choose to be different than those people.

    1. No worries about being strong in your thought. I always find that makes for a good discussion. I'm curious about some of those interactions you've had and I believe it's healthy to work on being different from those we feel exude negativity, etc.


Taking Time

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