Monday, March 14, 2016


Strong mama. Strong backbone. Strong boundary setter. Strong, but mostly silent opinions. Strong
faith. Strong body. Strong sister. Strong daughter. Strong pet owner. Strong writer. Strong reader. Strong dishwasher fixer. Strong reputation. Strong communicator. Strong endurance. Strong empathizer. Strong saver. Strong outlook. Strong consultant. Strong advocate. Strong mindset. Strong interpreter. Strong bones. Strong friend. Strong healer. Strong marriage. Strong vision. Strong runner. Strong records. Strong experience. Strong recovery. Strong future. Strong soul.

I feel the demand—the need—to be strong in so many areas.

And I’m going to tell you openly and honestly that often I feel weak. I push through each day. It’s like I’m about to jump into one of those rotating spin doors, gauging when to hop in at the right time, torn between fearing I’ll be squashed because I took a risk or that the door will keep whooshing by and I’ll end up in the exact same spot as always. Going nowhere.

Good thing I know I’m not alone in this. I’ve met others. There are plenty of you out there who pep talk yourself into the strong each morning. Plenty who lean into the creative so the strong will surface. There’s an army of us.

It’s nice. For one blessed moment, it feels good . . . to admit weakness.

To know there are heads behind screens nodding, women smiling, and warmed by the truth I just shared. And because I did, I happen to believe we both just grew a little stronger together.


  1. I think many readers will be able to relate to this Wendy.... always pretending to be strong, while sometimes we just want to sit down and cry. It is good to know that when we are weak we are at our strongest for God :)
    Good post!

  2. thanks.....
    this has been brewing in my brain lately.
    thanks again.


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