Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Clubs—Still Going Strong

Last week I visited with a group who’d read and discussed my book, The Flower Girls. I took so much away from our conversation. I loved how each member began to open up about their own sibling relationships. It was a complete blast for me to be in on that book club. I’ve been invited into the conversations and dynamics of twenty-six groups over the past two years and it simply never grows old.
I’m also still thoroughly enjoying my time with my own book clubs. I rarely miss. The conversations make me feel alive and the connections spur me on in life.
If it wasn’t obvious already, I’m a huge fan of book clubs. And I’m willing to bet I’ll be saying the same thing forty years from now.
Speaking of book clubs, the next three months would be the perfect time for your book club to choose my latest work, The Short & Sincere Life of Ellory James. It’s a shorter read with an emotional element worth talking about. Please let me know if you’d like me to partake in any way. I like to bring gifts, wine, extra books, and behind-the-scenes insight on the book being discussed. {I’ve Skyped with a handful, too, so I’m open to that as well.}

Let’s go clubbing!

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