Wednesday, July 22, 2015

12 Questions to Ask Your Main Character When She Is Being Elusive

I recently came through a spell where one of my characters didn’t want to budge. I knew something was up with her and instead of jamming any issue in her backstory, I waited her out. I asked some hard questions, and eventually, in time, I got to the juicy heart of who she is.
Here are twelve questions you can ask of your main character that have the power to open her up again…

What’s your problem?

Why do you look so tired? (Women, outside of fiction-land, I’d advise you never ask this question of another woman. We are tired. That’s why we look it.)

What are you running from?

What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you? (Bonus: do you believe it?)

If you could have a do-over for anything you’ve done in your life when would you choose?

If your friend asks your advice on an outfit that is undeniably weird, saying, “I don’t think this looks weird, what do you think?” how would you respond?

What are you most ashamed of?

What are you proudest of?

Who knows you best? Does your answer surprise you?

Who are you most protective of? Are they as protective of you?

What pisses you off?

What would embarrass you if everyone found out about it, though you secretly suspect you’re not the only one with this secret? 

There you have it. Twelve hard questions that are sure to get your main character squirming, stirred up, or spilling the beans. Hoping for the latter.


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