Monday, June 15, 2015

Everything Is Just Beachy

Recently my daughter celebrated her 13th birthday with a belated beach-themed party. Having just completed heavy edits, I welcomed the idea of getting wrapped up with a new project—a new creative focus. I dove in. In the week prior to the party I got beach-ified. With a huge nod to Pinterest... 

I created this seashell seahorse.

 Idea from Pinterest here.
Made starfish out of salt dough.

Idea from Pinterest here.

Then transformed a tray we rarely used into an oversized sand dollar.

Idea from Pinterest here.

The beach party was a hit. Not sure my decorations stood out, but maybe just maybe, they added a little something special to the party. I know I had a blast creating them.


  1. Wendy: I'm sure your daughter will remember the decorations. I love the sand dollar.

    1. Thanks! That one might have been my favorite to create. Hoping it all played into the overall impression of the event/day.


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