Monday, May 11, 2015

Author Talk To Me

I’m preparing for an author talk at the library in a few weeks. As I plan, I’m thinking a lot about my readers.
Today I want to know if you’ve attended an author talk before. If so, what did you enjoy about the presentation? What would you have liked to have heard more about?

Talk to me. I’d love to shape my speech according to your suggestions.

*On deadline with edits, in-laws visiting in just a few short days, preparing for my Story Maker writing class & my library talk in less than two weeks…see you Monday!


  1. I've never been to one, but my library hosts authors a lot...perhaps I should go attend one this summer.

    1. Let me know if you end up going, what you think. ;-)

  2. PLEASE be sure the person who set this up at the library communicates your purpose in the lead- ins and publicity. When I was in a writing group that met at the library where I worked the outreach facilitator asked us to co-host the program. We were told it was to be a talk about how writers could get further in the process of publishing. What it turned out to be was all about the speaker and his style, his efforts and his journey. I felt sorry for the man and bought one of his books. In his presentation, he actually turned me against himself. He told me it was all right for a Christian author to have a chararacter use 'blue' language. "Because it is your character speaking, not you." I read the book and decided it belonged in file 13 and I put it there.

    1. Hi QS,
      Communication has been great from the library staff. Thankful for that. I have a good sense of what I'd like to discuss, but I'm open to & love hearing from readers about what they enjoy. I may have a different perspective in regards to the "blue" language (taking a stab at what you mean) speaker. Would be wonderful if we could sit down and discuss someday. Thanks for thoughts.


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