Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Winners of the Key Book Clubs from Coast to Coast...

Congratulations to the Keller book club!

Out of twenty-three (that I knew about) groups who met to discuss The Disappearing Key, over the course of this past year, this is the winning group. Each member will receive an individual key-related gift from me.

Here’s a glimpse at the basket of goodies…

 As I’ve stated before, visiting book clubs in person and via Skype has been a true highlight of my publishing career. There’s just nothing like engaging in dialogue about characters that I brought to life. I appreciate every single group who has chosen one or both of my books to discuss.
And again, Congratulations to the winning crew!


  1. On behalf of the Keller Book Club - Hooray and thanks!!

    1. Most welcome! Glad your group enjoyed receiving & passing out the gifts!


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