Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Is It about Book Clubs . . .

that I love so much?

I won’t be bashful. I’ll come right out and give you ten things that get me jazzed about book clubs.

1.       They’re breeding grounds for laughter.

2.       Book clubs provide mental stimulation. It’s like Lumosity for literature lovers (say that 10 times fast).

3.       I’m able to reflect upon a book once I’ve read it, exploring concepts and characters at a more felt level.

4.       I discuss topics and characters in ways I’d never have the opportunity to do in other circumstances.

5.       When I’m visiting a group that’s read one of my books, I’m always amazed what readers teach me about my characters and stories. It’s insanely rewarding to hear the takeaways.

6.       Book clubs conjure an appreciation for literature and books that have rocked my world in the past. There’s this magical invisible weave that strings from one mind-blowing book to the next.

7.       Book groups are wonderful settings to receive and sift through diverse opinions.

8.       They make me feel less alone, as women come together and open up in refreshingly honest conversations.

9.       They introduce me to new authors.

10.   Okay I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for the food & wine, too.


If your book club is interested in reading THE DISAPPEARING KEY or THE FLOWER GIRLS, I’d love know. Please send me an email with the details. If you’re local, I’ll make the effort to visit in person. I’ve also Skyped and spoken on the phone with clubs before, too.



& Happy Book Birthday to THE DISAPPEARING KEY!

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