Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Little Free Library in Your Neighborhood

I enjoy making predictions. Ever heard of Little Free Libraries? Right here, right now I predict they’re about to crop up in neighborhoods all across the country. You’re going to see them on road trips, on the way to book club, and even during a quick trip to town.

My friend, Kate Rich recently joined in with her neighborhood to establish a Little Free Library. Kate and her neighbors were excited to spread the Little Free Library’s mission to help promote literacy while building a sense of community.

Here’s what Kate had to share about her experience so far…

“The Little Free Library has been a big hit in our neighborhood! It's been so nice to connect and visit with our neighbors while talking about books. We've gotten a lot of great feedback from adults and kids. They always start off by saying how cute it is and it is such a neat idea. Most people walk away finding a book that they are excited to read!”


Fun fact: We also recently saw a Little Free Library near a lake where we vacationed in northern New England last week.

What do you think of this what-I’m-sure-will-become-a-major-trend? I think it’s brilliant!

Please contact me if you’d like me to send you a copy of either of my books to include in your Little Free Library and I’ll do my best to share The Disappearing Key & The Flower Girls love.

To learn more:

*picture of Kate showcasing her neighborhood library


  1. We live near a university and there is one near campus. It's in an old red phone booth. It's very cute. I've left copies of my books there.

    1. Love the phone booth library! I better start carrying extra books in my car. Great tip, Julie!



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