Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your House as a Book

Whew, done with line edits for The Flower Girls.
Thought I’d have a little fun today to celebrate.
If your house was the title of a book, what would it be called?
My house would be named The House of Unfinished Projects.
*Congratulations to Diana! I’ll be sending you a copy of Michelle DeRusha’s fabulous book, SPIRITUAL MISFIT. Please email your mailing address. (My contact email is located on the sidebar.)



  1. If my house was the title of a book, it would be called, "Well Lived: a house well loved but somewhat messy."

    1. Inject mostly messy for my house. ;-) Like the name.

  2. Very interesting question, Wendy. I try to be symbolic and metaphorical. I've lived in this particular house longer than anywhere in my life, which is 15 years. So much has gone on here. It sounds plain but I think of levels of heaven. I think I'd call the book, The Three Levels.

    1. Need to learn more about the levels to which you're referring. And I like the symbolism factor.


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