Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolve This

If you’re anything like me you’ve flirted with compiling a list of resolutions that could easily rival Santa’s endless scroll of desired gifts. To-do. Words women (and especially moms) are accustomed to living by. To waking and semi-sleeping by.

I’m throwing a challenge at you for 2014 & I’ll do my best to match your efforts.

Resolve to pour into relationships this year. Make people your top priority.

Yes, the oven  needs cleaning and you haven’t sorted through your pantry since you moved in six years ago. Yes, the elementary school is begging for volunteers and your fingers have hangnails that look like catfish tentacles. Yes, your butt jiggles each of the five times you wake to use the restroom at night and those extra pounds of chocolate you downed over Christmas break would like to take permanent leave from your body. Your skin craves water. The novel would like to be completed. . .

I confess, I’ve missed my dog a ton lately. So much so it’s sort of stifled my desire to focus on relationships. But relationships are powerful, life-changing, and eternal. They are worth my time and my energy. I’m making it a goal to invest more deeply in those I interact with in 2014.
Join me!

10 Relationship-based Resolutions
Focus on listening
Ask thoughtful questions
Risk being vulnerable
Turn off social media while visiting face-to-face with folks
Write & send a handwritten note. It’ll be so rare, the receiver might just faint with gratitude
Start up that book club you’ve been dreaming about
Walk to a friend’s house & then take a walk with your friend
Reach out even when it’s difficult, uncomfortable, or awkward
Be willing to adjust your schedule as spontaneous interruptions arise
Share resources, be quick to empathize and slow to judge, laugh and smile freely

I was overwhelmed with support last year. This show of affection impacted me in so many ways. I want to be known for passing it on—for giving the way I’ve been given to. I’m ready 2014!

*This Health article reveals, “Research suggests people with strong social ties live longer than those who don’t.” 


  1. Wendy: It sounds as if you are ready for anything that comes your way. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. Happy New Year to you! I always like to think I'm ready and then something will take me by surprise. Life is funny like that.

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