Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brave or Unexpected?

Hanging out with this lady…

& working hard on edits for this...

 Because I can’t wait until you read it!!!

What have you been up to lately? Have you done anything brave or unexpected?


  1. I had an unexpected (and much needed) day of quiet yesterday. It was just me at home for most of the day -- and the doggies, of course.
    And I chose to embrace the quiet.
    No TV.
    No radio.
    Quiet + Me = refreshing.

    1. Hope you've been able to continue to find times of quiet since you wrote this, Beth. I'm glad it was so refreshing!

  2. I started living again after a depressive coma. Yes, it took a lot of courage of me to speak, to write, to sing again. But thank the Lord that I'm coming back to a better me. Renewing myself mentally, spiritually and physically.

    1. Ellie, love to know you are coming back. Nothing like that! It is my hope for you that the renewal continues.

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