Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Right Brain & Left Brain Involved in a Discussion about…You (& Blogging)

Right Brain: What do they want? {nods head in your direction}
Left Brain: I’m going with posts that are less than 500 words. You know, the inspiring stuff. Not that I know much about any of that. I only care if everything is spelled correctly.
RB: So by inspiring you mean encouraging messages?
LB: That’s your playground. I’m inside crunching numbers.
RB: There are days I’m fired up to write totally random posts.
LB: Totally random. Not computing. Could you expound upon that some?
RB: Sure, confessional. Like maybe how I cried so much last summer many of the eyelashes above my left eye fell out. My mascara went on wonky for months. Word on the street is that vulnerable is good.
LB: You sure you want to go that bare bones?
RB: No, but that’s what writers do. We tell the ugly truth. We’re known for taking {hold your breath LB} uncalculated risks. We wear it on our sleeves so much the fabric is but shreds.
LB: Why not just become an expert on something?
RB: Yeah, I’ve heard that’s the way to go. I’m currently contemplating becoming an expert at being an expert. Or maybe I’ll be an authority on rapidly changing back into what my mom used to call play clothes (hear pajamas) after I return home. Under ten seconds flat.
LB: You are such a right brain.
RB: What’s that supposed to mean?
LB: Don’t you ever decompress?
RB: Now I’m not computing. Letting myself explode with possibilities has nothing to do with not being able to relax. {mumbles how it can believe it’s being accused of not being able to decompress by LB of all brains}
LB: Really? Tell me the last time you stayed on one thought for longer than a minute.
RB: Wait a second, I thought we were talking about them. {motions toward you behind your smudged computer screen} How did this get turned back on me?
LB: If you want to know how to bring it for them you need to know what lights you up. They’ll only feel your passion if you feel it.
RB: Hard to pin down. Hey, I think you’re reading this from some Guide to Blogging book.
LB: No book. I have a lot of data mired in here. Try. Try to pin it down.
RB: For starters, I believe books make the world go round. I’m wired to empathize with women, and I’m constantly meeting characters that rub familiar at first hello. I’m motivated by stirring others to turn certain thoughts in their brains as they would a hologram in their hands. I’m crushed by injustice, grateful for laughter, appreciative of relevancy, passionate about mothering, and mystified and humbled in grace. I’m most myself in nature, have an insatiable thirst for learning, and a stubborn will to follow hard after my dreams.

I’m entirely broken and entirely healed—a complete dichotomy. A science experiment. A comical and stupefying psychological study. I’m a raging fire for Him as well as flickering candlelight, at times no larger than a thumbprint.

What lights me up? Thoughts that move. I’m radiant in those.
LB: Start there. At those beginnings.
RB: You know, for a Left Brain you can be mighty insightful sometimes.
LB: Where would you be without me?
RB: Really? I’ll throw it back at you—where would you be without me?
LB: Crunching numbers. Checking spelling. {gasps} Editing.
RB: Woe is you. Should I buy you a T-shirt that says Editing is for Left Brains?
LB: Yeah, and I’ll put it on in under ten seconds flat. Call myself an expert.
RB: Good one.
LB: I’ve still got it.
RB: Half of it anyway.

Now that it’s been discussed (out in the way open by my right and left brain) it’s time to ask you, what do you want? What brings you here to thoughts that move today?
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**Over the next few weeks I’m going to suggest awesome reads written by some dear friends of mine.
First up, Wishing onWillows by Katie Ganshert


  1. Your post was in my dashboard. :-P

    You're lucky you still have your left brain. I think mine died somewhere along the way...maybe during my third pregnancy. Ha!

    1. Pregnancy has a way of doing that--eating our brains. I used to tell people my babies were consuming my brains when I was breastfeeding. Pretty sure I went sleepless for about six years there.

  2. I would have a conversation with you -- right or left brain -- or both -- any time!
    I smiled as I read this post. And nodded. And thought, "I wish I'd written this!"

    1. Aw Beth, your encouragement bolsters me & encourages me, then bolsters me some more. Thank you a thousand times!

  3. "mumbles how it can believe it’s being accused of not being able to decompress by LB of all brains..."
    Great thoughts, Wendy. Thanks for the a.m. laugh!

    1. Hey Nancy!

      I had fun writing this one--possibly too much fun! Scary when your brains start cracking you up. :D

  4. I came because of you and your awesomeness, Wendy. I came because you challenge me to look deeper and soar higher. I came because my left brain saw a post in my (soon-to-be nonexistent) Google Reader and is conditioned to read every one and because my right brain said, "Oooh! It's Wendy's post. Love her and want to see what wonderful things she has to say today."

    1. Yeah, what's up with that--disappearing Google Reader? I love how you answered my questions with both your left and right brain thoughts! So many reasons why I love Keli G.

  5. I came because I used to be ambidextrous...hee. Seriously, always enjoy your posts and your outlook on life, Wendy.

    1. Nice & witty--love it! Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it!

  6. I enjoy your very unique writing voice. When your book comes out, I want to be first in line. :)

    1. Can't tell you how much that means, Susan! Thank you & it's exciting to watch your journey right now!


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