Friday, August 17, 2012

My Summer Theme Song

Mixing it up a little by taking a hiatus from Moving Thoughts Fridays. I’m planning some fun Friday posts.
I’ll lead with the song that got me through this summer

 Ever find yourself more than a little addicted to a song?

*I’ll be offline on Monday. See you Wednesday!
**If I gave anyone flashbacks from Olympic gymnastics, you’re welcome. Cool to watch!


  1. Ooh, good song! And yes, I've found myself more than a little addicted to songs...generally every Coldplay song. :)

  2. When he first sang that song on Idol, I didn't know what to make of it.
    But now...after hearing them play it during Olympic side stories and a few other places, I LOVE it! And yes, even a little addicted to it and for some reason I've become a little obsessed with Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" too.

  3. First...someone actually named their kid Philip Philips? Where have I been?

    And yes, music is such a deep expression for me. It gets under my skin and sometimes, a song is just what I need to get through a day. Or week. Or month. Sometimes a year. :)

  4. I love Phil Philips! Perfect choice for American Idol - I was cheering for him the whole way through. Have a good weekend and enjoy your Monday off!

  5. Yes, I get addicted to songs. There was a Lady Antebellum song, I Run to You, that I listened to for weeks. Still love that song.

  6. Beautiful song! Never heard it before.


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