Friday, August 31, 2012

Hmm, What Would You Do with This…

I have a hobby I’m not sure I’ve told you about.
I transform furniture. There’s something exhilarating and therapeutic about the process for me. Painting. Sanding. Creating newness from something old.

I have an idea of what I’d like to do with this. But today I want to know…what would you do with it?

*I also don't think I've shared how I'm infatuated with the color blue.
**Later today I’ll share my plans. Happy Friday!


  1. I love that! And I love that you transform furniture. I can never see something different than what it is. That just isn't part of my creativity. But I love seeing what others come up with, especially now on Pinterest. I can't wait to hear what you do with it! (And I, too, love the color blue.)

  2. I love that you can transform things. I, on the other hand, don't have an artistic eye for that sort of thing. So I guess I would ship the window to you and see what you could do with it. :)

    Happy Friday, friend!

  3. I'd distress it and hang it above my couch or or maybe replace the single panes for double and use it to hold old black and whites. It'd look great down a hall way! We have the same hobby...guess we are twins! lol

  4. That is so cool, Wendy! YOu'll have to post pictures of your work.

    I think I might cut that in half so it's not so big, keep the frames inside, and make it into a mirrow of some sort. I could see something like that hanging in a kitchen.

  5. Oh what a cool hobby!

    I was going to say something similar to Jess...using photographs somehow. Can't wait to hear what you're going to do with it!

  6. I'm horrible with stuff like this! Love the look of shabby chic/antique--and my mom was awesome with crafting and distressing furniture, etc.--but I stink. So unfortunately, I'd probably just stare at it in frustration and it might stay in my garage forever...or maybe I'd pay a friend like you to do something neato with it for me!

  7. Well now, after marveling over the gorgeous tree trunk behind it... let's see... If I came across something like that I might use it as a mock room divider or a makeshift wall... perhaps attaching chains on each end and hanging it, horizontally, in between a living room and dining room (provided it's a spot where people wouldn't be in danger of walking into it). Also, if my artistic sister would agree to it, I'd have her paint some lovely vines or bird-ish designs onto the panes.

    I love refinishing furniture too. My house has almost no new furniture. Everything we have is hand-me-downs, so I like to put my own spin on things. Will you post a picture of the finished piece?

  8. LOL No clue! Like Lindsay I'm horrible with this stuff. I've got no doubt though that you'll make something gorgeous. :) I want to see pics when you do!

  9. I'd replace some of the panes with colored glass and hang it from chains in a picture window so the light would shine through and make blocks of color on the floor. :)

    It's a beautiful old find! What a treasure. :)

  10. Wendy - what an amazing find! I LOVE stuff like that, too, but I tend to use it out in my garden. I have windows and doors all over the place out there.

    Looking forward to your idea!


  11. Hmmmm. Is it pine? If it's pine,I'd paint it white and distress it.Are the original windows in it? If they've flowed, save them. I'd anchor some hooks on the back and hang it on the wall, as JP suggested. Or,if you have a picture window, see if you can find some stained glass pieces and alternate them with plain glass. Whatever you do, it's going to be lovely!

  12. Ding ding ding for anyone who guessed I'd be placing black & white photos behind the glass. Still trying to come up with creative ways to do so. But I see it. I love it.

    I simply couldn't resist this piece!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Wendy, I used to work in custom framing, and I've already designed your project for you!!!

    I know, right? ;)

    You may have to use mattes, as the photos will most likely stick to the glass and adhere over time. Also, try to find an easel back at an art store or a craft store, or you could free stand it against a wall. If you found another door or 2, you could make a theme wall or hinge them together for a screen of photos.

  14. It's so cool - and I also love the color blue! And I love your photo idea. *sigh* I wish I had artistic ideas for this and the talent to make them a reality! Good for you! <3

  15. 1. I like you even more now that I know you transform furniture.
    2. I happen to want to paint everything I see that color blue.

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