Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Which Oz Reader Are You?

In honor of two of my children acting in The Wiz in a few weeks, I thought it might be fun to play with the better known, Wizard of Oz by asking which Oz reader you most identify with:

You’ll read anything. You don’t care. You’re easy. Might not remember it tomorrow. Might not get the story. No biggie. It’s a book and that’ll do. It feels nice in your hands and there’s nothing like that book smell…unless of course you’re reading a Kindle.  :D

Cowardly Lion
You’re a closet reader. You have a hard time admitting that you’ve read Gone with the Wind seven times. What would others think? So you stick to one genre, afraid to branch out. Sadly, you’re also unwilling to discuss your real thoughts at book club. Tentative about even attending your book club meetings.

Bring it home. That’s what you’re wanting every time you open a book. You hunt for a theme, though find yourself readily confused by the startling set of characters you come across. Can you trust the story arc? The tension? The characters to guide you? Please, bring it home. Because after all…

Tin Man
Encyclopedias will do just fine for you, thank you. Well, that and every other written thing. Reading for you is all about the details. The experience includes learning new vocabulary, digging in to check the accuracy of research novels, and dissecting every facet the book offers.

You’re a thoughtful reader through and through, applying character growth to your own life. And look at how kind you are loaning out books to your friends and family. You might as well establish a library with how readily you give and ask for nothing in return. “Follow the fellow’s Nook upload.” (Yeah, I tried. You try rhyming that bad boy.)

Wicked Witch
You want revenge. For the character in the novels you read, of course. You plot. Seethe. And wait until the climactic moment when alas the price is paid for killing your sister. No, no! The antagonist is melting…melting.

You want a different ending. You discuss the book you’re reading with all your friends, insisting you could write a better version. Careful now, your head is so big and green someday you just might be called out for the charlatan you really are.

You’re content just to have a book in your hands. Joyful. And you’ll sing the praises of anything that entertains you. Ding-dong. Conscious she says is the name of the start. (Okay, so not born to rhyme. Good thing becoming a rap artist is not on my bucket list.)

Do tell, which Oz reader are you most like?

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  1. Glinda. To me, what is the point of reading if it doesn't touch my heart, soul, or bring meaning to my everyday?

  2. Definitely Glinda. I'm always looking for something in a book that will help me grow. And I'm the go-to girl for books for all my friends and family. They know if it is on my shelves, it's worth reading and they know I can make recommendations tailored to their tastes. (Yes, if I weren't a writer, I'd be a librarian!)

  3. Totally used to be the scarecrow. I'd read the cereal box during breakfast just for something read. But I think now I'm somewhere between Glinda and a munchkin. Fun post--love it!

  4. Think I'm between a Munchkin and Glinda.

    Wonderfully entertaining. Thanks

  5. Probably mostly Dorothy, but I can definitely have some Wicked Witch thrown in. Heavens, that sounds a little bit like my personality, too! ;)

  6. I'm also somewhere between Glinda and the Munchkin! I love to loan out books and I'm always trying to apply the character's growth to my own life. I'm also the first person to sing the praises of a book I've enjoyed (or a blog)!

  7. I'm a munchkin. I just like to read and if it touches me then it's a bonus. Although, I admit sometimes I want revenge in reading books! I read Candace Calvert's Code Triage and I hoped she'd kill one of her villains off. She didn't. I was sad. LOL Not really, but if I'm involved with a character, anyone who tries to hurt them in a book I want CUT OFF! :)

  8. I'm either Glinda or a munchkin. I read everything I see in life, but when it comes to books, I'm very picky and only read what catches my interest (except I DO read writer friend's books for support, whether or not it would interest me without knowing the friend). Cute post!

  9. Fun stuff!! I think I'm most like Glinda, because I'm constantly loaning out books to friends, and I try to apply what I'm learning to my life. But I do like to read for fun too! :P

  10. Funny! I think I'm a cross between Glinda and the Wizard

  11. How fun! I am so much a crossover between Glinda and a munchkin. Happy to read and happy to share. Seems I am in good company.

  12. I think I kind of fall into the Dorothy/Glinda niche. The more I'm around writers and write the more like Dorothy I become I think:) How exciting that your kids are going to be in The Wiz!

  13. I read to learn more about the genre I'm writing and to enjoy myself...Dorothy/Tin Man/Wizard maybe?

  14. I'm more Dorothy but with Glinda tendancies. I have read some books and passed them on to a friend. She passes some to me. This friend played the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz back in the 1970's. She had the cackle down pat. She was hoarse for a week after the run of the play. (She babysat for us, then.)

  15. I'm Glinda.
    Wait .. I'm a munchkin.
    And while we're on the topic, have you seen Wicked?
    You've got me humming "Popular" and "Defying Gravity" -- thanks, my friend!


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