Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Which Muppet Writer Are You?

8 Muppet Writers

I had no idea what I wanted to post today so I slipped into stream of consciousness mode. What a zoo it’s been around here. Zoo. Right, animals. Animal. But of course, the Muppets.
And I landed here:

Which Muppet writer are you:
Miss Piggy

You are destined for stardom. New York Times Bestseller list here you come. You’ll shove your way to the top. Funny thing though, you often shift from an overly charming confident scribe to a fury-filled diva in a matter of seconds. “Never Before.”

You greenie, you. As a newbie, you still care enough to be conscientious with a side of timid. You go for laughs, but in that sweet, innately likable way.  I know you’ll find your connection in the industry. Why? Because you believe. “The lovers, the dreamers, and me.”

Fozzie Bear
As a humor writer you often end up the butt of jokes. You’re the target of ridicule when your funny flops. Though even though your “Wocka Wocka” isn’t always Ha Ha Ha Ha, you remain loyal to other green writers like Kermit.


You celebrate chickens everywhere. You root for the underdog, seeing intrigue and value in the little guys. You aren’t afraid to write your passion. Even in your bluest of blue days you remain optimistic and hopeful in the industry. You’ve a good head on your shoulders, Gonz, and a mighty interesting nose (for marketing) to boot.

Oh woe is you, Beaks. Mee Mee Mee Mee. Your work has been rejected, turned down, blown up, ignited, and utterly destroyed by critique partners and editors alike. You view your role as merely a shy assistant, afraid to bravely step out and claim your voice. You attract negative consequences. No wonder, Mee Mee Mee seems like a pretty selfish expression, Beaker. Gotta work on that.

Rowlf the Dog
With your dry wit and your go with the flow, laid back attitude you know how to jam out a mighty fine novel. You’re cool, calm, and collected. And you know how to groove with the changing publishing times.

Statler & Waldorf (old guys from balcony)
This is your left and right brain at war. Your editor self fighting with your creative, free-flowing self. You heckle. You throw mental tomato zingers. You’re downright disagreeable. And to think, this all takes place right inside your own brain matter.

Okay, I kinda love you, Animal. You write from the gut. You’re outrageous, and not at all one to feel compelled to write to the market. Heck, you’re a wild one with intensely unique methods of expression. Like I said, I kinda love ya!

And now I want to knowwhich Muppet writer do you identify with most? Least?

*photo by flickr


  1. Loved this post, Wendy!!

    I think I'm a cross between Kermit and Gonzo (have always had a problem with my I love to dream, like Kermit, and I find it hard not to be optimistic. I would have given up long ago if I didn't cling to these two things!

    Thanks for the post, Wendy. :)

  2. I least identify with Piggy. As I am no Diva. LOL

    I don't know about writing, but I've always thought the cynical humor of the old dudes was hilarious, even as a kid. I shall now be singing Lydia the tattooed lady the rest of the day. Thanks. :)

  3. What a fun post!! :)

    Can I be a mix? I like to be optimistic like Kermit, I have diva moments like Piggy (although I save those only for my hubby to hear), I love the zingers of the old guys on the balcony, I'm optimistic like Gonzo, and I dream of having an "Animal" moment. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, this was hilarious!! I love it! I think I can be any Muppet on different days.

    But from your descriptions, the one I really want to be is Rowlf the Dog. Does it help that I do, in fact, play piano?

  5. Fun fun fun!!

    Hmmm, there's definitely a bit of Little Miss Piggy diva-ness in me, but hopefully that doesn't come out often! And I'm still kind of new and green in the industry, probably more hopeful and naive than I should be. But I like it that way.

  6. Delight! What fun you have here today, Wendy! I must say I'm a Gonzo - the glass is always half full no matter what. Thankful...

  7. Ha, ha! This made me smile. :) I probably identified most with the old guys in the balcony - trying to silence that internal editor to let my creative side just write.

  8. Rowlf was always my favorite as a kid, and funny enough I would say I was most like him.

  9. OH DUDE! I'm Animal, through and through! I don't write to market...and it's killing me!

  10. I'm a weird cross between Miss Piggy and Animal. I think that probably says way more than it should about me!

  11. Clever idea and one of my favorite movies. I appreciate you mentioning some of the cute songs too. I would have to say I'm the Kermit type, slow but steady and keeping that dream in my heart.

  12. You had me laughing today, Wendy! As I read this I think I most identified with Gonzo and Kermie - I am ever the optimist and I'm so green I believe I can reach the stars!

  13. I think I'm Kermonzimal. Green, timid, occasionally sweet, I love the underdog,I'm hopeful and optimistic,level headed, unique, crazy, and yeah, I bang my own drum.

    This was GREAT fun, Wnedy!

  14. OK, I hate to say it, but I'm the old guys in the balcony -- Staler and Waldorf. (Thank you for giving us their names. I just knew them as "the old guys.") My internal editor and my "just let me write!" self are constantly tussling. I've learned to turn the editor off ... but it wasn't easy at first. And I want to be a bit of Gonzo and Rolf too ...

    Love this post.You are so, so creative.

  15. I think I'm Gonzo... hopelessly optimistic.

  16. Oh my, I don't know! I'll have to give this some thought. I can see a teeny bit of each, maybe, sometimes...:)

  17. Look at the fun your stream of consciousness produces, Wendy. I love it! I'd say I'm a combo of Gonzo and Rowlf. But who knows...I may become Beaker once I'm on submission. :)

  18. I just completely resonate with that blank of not knowing what to write about. I hate to admit it, because I am a writer. Usually, the ideas come so fast I can't keep up or seem to keep them straight. But lately I have lacked so much inspiration (could it be that I'm almost 8 months pregnant?) I feel as dry as a brown weed. Today, I almost started a blank Word document (indended to be a blog post) with the words, "I have no inspiration. I have no inspiration." Anyway, appreciate knowing talented and accomplished writers out there wrestle with the same "I don't know what to write about" moments. As for the muppets, I would like to think I'm Kermit. But that just might be wishful thinking.

  19. The old guys in the balcony for sure! With a side of Rowlf thrown in. :)

    We were sure on the same wavelength this week. :D


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