Monday, October 3, 2011


Stretch marks that resemble angry clouds before a storm
Prickles of dread before stepping on a scale
A heart pressurized and pulsing at the prospect of genuine love
A heart smashed like tenderized meat at a friend’s betrayal
Tears sliding down our faces as our stomach muscles convulse in raucous laughter
Our faces instinctively stretching into goo goo expressions at the sight of an infant
Strength wallowing in the gut, like a rodeo prize winner, waiting to buck and be exercised
Irritation at chipped nails, kneecap hair (hello Twitter friends), and folks who refuse to hold the door
Obsession with comfy sweats, while also endeared to shimmery evening wear
Altruism harvested from all that’s been lost, empathy birthed in pain
Chocolate cravings that could slay a ravenous three-headed beast
Fury swollen and prompting action at the words female mutilation, starvation, and ugly
Echoes of jealousy corroding the soul into more than a green-eyed monster
Appreciation for clean sheets, having our hair washed, and time to breathe
Sensitivity toward a wounded scrape, a howling animal, or a lost sheep

Here we are. A quick glimpse of us. Why I love us. Why I’ve chosen to write…us.
Women. I have three older sisters, a mother, a mother-in-law, two sister-in-laws, a gaggle of female cousins, aunts, grandmas, and nieces. I have three daughters and a brain harboring dozens of female characters. Of all the genres I’ve dabbled in, I’ve felt most at home exploring the stories of women.

Women’s fiction…it’s my gig.

What’s your gig?

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  1. Wow, Wendy, This was beautiful. I think you're right in your sweet spot. I'm still figuring out my gig and have the horrible feeling I may be schizophrenic. :)

  2. Wow - this was just....awesome. Women's fiction is definitely your gig. Mine is romance.

  3. Beautiful! I love to write the stories of women. We are so complex and fun too:)

  4. I like to put people in sticky situations where they might die while spreading the love of Christ, but instead end up madly in love with the one and the One who helps them out of that risky dark place.

  5. You've certainly got the eye to write women's fiction ... perspective and introspection woven together in an almost musical way.

    I'm the nonfiction writer who wandered to the Dark Side all the while muttering "Never, never, never."
    I write contemporary romance with a dash of humor.
    Because,well, that's where I'm at.

  6. Wendy, gorgeous post! Just loved it. I write romance with a big helping of suspense and a sprinkle of mystery. :)

  7. I love it! Sweet romance is my gig. I've tried writing other things, but contemporary romance what come natural to me.

  8. I love that you write Women's fiction. And this post shows your passion for it! :)

    I'm more of a gritty writer. I write about the ugliness of this world and the redemption that is possible through Jesus. How He makes beautiful things from dust.

  9. Love, love, love this description.

    My gig is historical romance.

  10. Beautiful post! I'm still trying to find my gig!

  11. I think you have your gig down, Wendy. That was beautiful and right on target.
    I think my gig is history...real history without sugarcoating everything. ;)

  12. it!

    My gig is historical fiction and romance.

  13. Oh...lovely. Poignant. Yes, God created you to write for women, to love us with your words that move, to move us with your words that love.

    My gig? I make you laugh, then sneak up behind your heart and pour in some truth. Thus, Mirth and Worth.

  14. Tweeted this post; so great I had to share it!

  15. Mm-mm. This is satisfying. You have such a gift with words, Wendy. Thank you for this.

  16. Wendy, it's clear you have a heart for and an understanding of women. So glad you've found your niche. Mine is historical romance.

  17. Loved this, Wendy! Especially the chocolate cravings. You are so talented and I'm so glad you've found your gig! Can't wait to read your books. :)

    I'm still figuring out my gig, but I know I'm on the right path now. I'm excited to see how God leads.

    Have a great week!

  18. You slid inside my heart and looked around. Solid women's fiction writers need to understand women. Your post proves you do. Beautiful.

    Me? I'm a happily ever after girl, so I write heart-satisfying romance that promises hope and happily ever after.

  19. Women here as well...just figuring out what type of women. :) Lovely post.

  20. Wendy:
    I believe my gig is in the Biblical and Spiritual area.
    God has placed you in the right setting for your gig.

  21. Love this, Wendy! Can't wait to read the stories that you so cleverly weave around women! :)

  22. I love this!! That's what is so great about you and your writing. You know exactly who you are. :-)
    My gig is romance.

  23. My gig is your gig ... Women's Fiction. I love all the different avenues it can take, yet it always comes back to those core relationships.

    P.S. It was so nice to meet you at the Post Office! My first ever Blogger encounter. Wishing you the best with your gig :)

  24. Hi Sarah, Thanks & we're all a little schizo. With writing that can be a compliment.

    Katie, Yes yours is! Can't wait to read soon!

    Kara, Yep, a nice blend.

    Heather, Intriguing.

    Beth, Musical...I like that. Melodious. I snuck away from what I consider the Dark Side...of nonfiction.

    Jessica, That's awesome such an interesting combo.

    Julie, I don't read a ton of it, but I bet you are amazing at it. My critique partner is (Jill Kemerer) and she makes me want to read more in this genre.

    Erica, Historicals fascinate me with all that goes into research. Purely fascinated by you, you orange rhombus (of which I am as well).

    TiAnna, So much of the beauty is in the search.

    Heidi, I like the non-sugarcoated stuff. A nice gig to select.

    Loree, You double gigged. :D Is that like double dipping?

    Jeanette, Thanks for sharing on Twitter. Love Mirth & Worth--so clever.

    Jill, As do you, Jill. Waiting for your day.

    Keli, Cannot wait to read your niche here soon! And thanks for your continual support.

    Mel, With God in the lead, you can't go wrong. I'm excited to see where He takes you!

    Lisa, I've been around so many unique women in my life and I've lived through a lot. It helps when it comes to my writing. Thanks for your words.

    PlainFancy, Isn't that the fun part, learning the characters?

    Thanks, QS. We need more of you.

    Jennifer, Excited to have them out there. Trusting in timing.

    Jennifer (hey two in a row, that's like double Jennifering...and my bad Monday humor is on a roll), Anne Lamott mentions that a lot in Bird by Bird--how knowing who you are and writing to the core of the aches, etc. makes for more authentic work (I butchered that but it's something like that).

    Joanne, So true about relationships. That's one of the best things about wf...working with all those dynamics.

    Loved seeing you at the PO. Hope I wasn't too pajamed out for you. :D You have a beautiful smile and I'll be watching as your gig skyrockets.

    Thanks to all the women (and men, I won't leave you out) who swung by today even if you didn't comment. You matter. Your life counts.

    ~ Wendy

  25. Loving your do such a great job at capturing it!
    Me? Hmm, seems to be all over at times. Right now it is more on raising kids overseas - NF, plus some YA fiction with living overseas.

  26. You explained us all perfectly.

  27. Wendy,
    How beautiful the pain and joys of womanhood, the journey we travel together. Your words convey such vivid photographs, images of our characteristics.

    My gig...traveling full-time in an RV with four children, writing about our adventures and painting acrylic art.

    So sweet to hear of other women pursuing their own gigs!

  28. Hi Wendy,
    I like this post. I have 4 Stepsisters and 1 bio sister, and three daughters. I 'get' women. I know how they tick. That's a good thing, since men are a lot less complicated.
    I love your compassion and empathy.


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