Monday, June 13, 2011

Answering You

Last Friday…

What do you like to do when you need a break from it all and need renewed inspiration?

Answer: I go for a run or find something, anything to paint. I read.

Katie Ganshert asked a great many things (:D), but here are two I’ll tackle:

If you had to take all the moments in your life and point to the one that had the most impact on who you are now, which would it be?

A: The moment I understood God’s grace for the first time at a Young Life Camp (Windy Gap) when I was fifteen.

How did you name your dog?

A: We found Korah’s name on the credits of the movie The Ten Commandments. Maybe we should have paid a little closer attention to the movie because apparently Korah was the one who led the rebellion against Moses. Not even kidding, as a puppy Korah bit off a chunk of Genesis in my Bible. Hmm.

What's one the funniest things your girls have ever said to you?

A: Not too long ago, my daughters did a mean impersonation of Jar Jar Binks while dancing to “Who Let the Dogs Out”. Not sure it counts, but the visual stuck.

Do you have a life verse? How did you come by it?

A: Isaiah 41:10 (first verse I memorized)
or Psalm 71:6 (speaks to the trust part of my faith)

What is your best time management trick? I know you have young ones at home, but still write a ton, so I'd like to know how you manage it.

A: I used to admire the Cheaper by the Dozen dad when I was a kid. I loved the idea of doing a million things at once. Haven’t quite surrendered that love of multi-tasking. Also, I’m big on prioritizing. I’m reading a book called Weird right now (about not living like everyone else) and as I read, I keep nodding my head saying, “Yep, I’m already weird.”

Would you rather be stranded in an over-crowded airport during a snowstorm, or alone in your car?

A: Alone in my car as long as I have sufficient food and perhaps something to read.

Kittens or puppies?


What are your novels about? Are there certain issues or struggles you like to explore in your women's fiction?

A: I like to dig in to the nitty gritty of relationships. Each novel has a different theme, but I gravitate toward exploring moral questions that challenge thought. Most of my novels were born with what Stephen King describes as the “what if” question in his book, On Writing.

What's your favorite indulgent treat? :)

A: Starbucks Java Chip ice cream.

What is your favorite color? A: Three way tie between cream, plum or blue

What is your favorite fruit? A: Raspberries

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? A: Coffee

Keli Gwyn asked (encouraging in her comment as always):

You have such a unique perspective, Wendy, and view the world in a whole new way. I admire that. How do you think that came about? Did a family member have the same ability? Did a teacher challenge you to think outside the box at an early age? Or is that simply the way the Lord made you?

A: I’ll answer that with something I wrote and posted on my other website…
I’m an amalgamation of every place I’ve ever lived, every person I’ve ever loved, every
success, every triumphed failure, every lesson learned and every future hope.
I’m a blend of hardships and victories, struggle and succor. I’m an introvert and extrovert, a lover of nature in the shadow of
night and the bursting forth of day.
I’m awash with bright and brilliant shades, the boldest splashes being the most beautiful and transformative marks on me yet—those of Jesus, my Savior.
I write to understand who I am. I love to let go of who I am.
I live to represent Him.

Laura asked:

Of the books you read in college, what stands out the most and why?

A: A cool college professor had us read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. I owe that man big time.

How much of yourself do you put into your characters--traits, fears, etc?

A: More than I’d like to admit. No really, in order to write them authentically, I have to go there with them and in going there I often find I’ve already been there in some way or another. (How’s that for a Dr. Seuss answer?)

Tamika asked:

How many books have you written and how many of those do you think are publishable material?

A: Six and two or three are or will be publishable.

What's your favorite childhood memory?

A: This one stumped me the longest. I have many fond memories, but this was the hardest question to answer. I’ll go with putting on elaborate plays (costumes and all) for my folks with my three older sisters. We performed dozens in our day…a real von Trapp extravaganza.

How did you choose your children's names?

A: I like to fool myself into believing I’m Irish. We named all three of our girls Irish names. I looked in baby books and did a lot of negotiating with my husband. Our third girl would have been Mariska if it were up to him. Though I like that name…clearly not so Irish.

Pain and gain or no pain, no gain? And, of course, why? (Amy, I’d like you to do a guest Moving Thoughts Friday for me someday soon!)

A: Pain & gain. Paine is my maiden name. It’s been with me so long; I’m kind of used to it. And with pain can come great understanding and great victory.

If you could go back and do one thing over, what would it be?

A: I would have made some different decisions in college.

Anne Lang Bundy got this one in just in time:

If granted a wish to do one thing that you were guaranteed would be successful, what would you wish to do?

Why, I’d have a flourishing career writing, with multiple books published of course :D. (Anne, I can’t comment on your posts anymore as well as a handful of others. If you change comment option to pop out, it might help.)

Thank you all for asking questions. I enjoyed thinking through my answers. Thought it was due time I answered some questions instead of always being the one to do the asking. However, this Friday you’re on for answering again.

*puppy photo by flickr
**four girls = me & my sisters in England


  1. Loved getting to know you better!

  2. Thanks, Wendy! These were fun. My daughter says you know how to pick good names. :-)

  3. Oh, Wendy, I soooo enjoyed reading your answers. And I thught the answer to Keli's question was beautiful.

  4. Hi Wendy, Thanks for letting us get to know you better!

  5. LOVED this post. I enjoyed getting to know a little more about you. My husband is half Irish, so all our kids have Celtic names as well. :)

  6. Oh, thank you for this splendid peeek into your life, and what makes you YOU! I love it!

  7. Fun post idea, Wendy! I love that picture, btw. I want to see a replica of those dresses at the ACFW awards banquet this year. :)

  8. It's wonderful to learn more about you, Wendy! This is a great idea. I may borrow it sometime if that's okay with you. :)

    Have a great week,
    Karen :)

  9. This is great - I love your heart Wendy. The more I see inside of it the more I love!

    Pain & gain. I like that.

  10. "I’m awash with bright and brilliant shades, the boldest splashes being the most beautiful and transformative marks on me yet—those of Jesus, my Savior."

    I absolutely loved this sentence. Christ truly shines through you. You're a beautiful soul. Can't wait to read your novels some day.


  11. Awesome. I know you so much better, now. Be sure your exhaust pipe is clear if you're stuck in the snow and don't run the car the whole time. I keep a spare novel in the car along with the chocolate and candle during winter months. Well, I usually have to replace the chocolate after I eat it on a clear day.
    Maybe you were Irish in a former life.

  12. Thanks for the great answer to my question. I love what you said: great understanding and great victory -- they're huge rewards.

    (And I'd love to do a guest post! That sounds fun. I've never done one before. :) )


  13. This is awesome, Wendy. So great to get to know YOU better!

  14. I love all these little insights into Wendy Paine Miller! And my favorite ice cream flavor is coffee, too. ;)

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