Monday, November 1, 2010

You Know You’re Getting Old When…

My birthday was yesterday. I’m practically Yoda.

Having a little fun with you today. I imagine most All in a Day’s Thought readers can relate to the following:

You Know You’re Getting Old When…

  • Your knees and ankles crack so loudly when you get out of bed it sounds like a tree is about to come down in the forest

  • You get up to go pee three times within the first ten minutes of tucking yourself in because you don’t want to wake up to go in the middle of the night

  • You put peanut butter in the fridge on a regular basis

  • Acidophilus is more than a memory from CATS

  • You finish statements with, “Kids today”

  • Smurfs and Hello Kitty were popular when you were a kid. And now they’re making a comeback

  • Either your underwear is shrinking or your backside isn’t

  • It was on the tip of my tongue, what was I saying and where was I are common phrases you use during conversations

  • Your child worries your wrinkles are scrapes

  • Crowns, canals and bridges aren’t things associated with London anymore

  • You incorporate oatmeal into your diet to improve health and bowel function

  • Naps go from being a luxury to a necessity

Wanna play? You know you’re getting old when…

*photo by flickr


  1. You go to have lunch at your youngest child's school and her friends think your her grandmother.

  2. ...when you have to start penciling in your eyebrows instead of plucking them. What's up with that? :)
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Oh my gosh!! You are SO NOT OLD!!! You're getting old when...your infantile friends start thinking THEY are old!!
    So there.

  4. I pee twice before I go to bed and usually still have to get up once during the night. Getting old really stinks!!!! :O)

  5. I just want to say "Happy Birthday"!

  6. I'm just 20, but there are times when I worry that when I do get older I'm really going to be in for some hurting. I used to take cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics. My back hurts all the time, my ankles are weak so they roll over from time to time, my hips are constantly getting stuck and I have to do this crazy leg roll thing to get them to pop, and my knees are also constantly getting stuck so that the only way I can straighten out my leg is by rolling my knee cap around. Not to mention my shoulders are starting to pop now. Oi...

  7. You know you're getting old when movies you saw as a teen and even as an adult are now regulars on American Movie Classics.

    Hope your birthday was a happy one!

  8. Happy Birthday and I'm with you on the knee thing. Mine sound like squeaky hinges when I go up and down stairs.

  9. When I'm in the store and catch an oldies song that I haven't heard in "a while"—and then realize that "a while" was 10th grade ... 33 years ago!

    Happy Birthday! I love you!

  10. That picture made me laugh. My son informed me that he is NOT Yoda...he's MASTER Yoda. So there.

    You know you're getting old when you have to invite your breasts UP AND INTO your bra every day.

    Another side effect of getting old is telling people things about yourself that you REALLY shouldn't.

    P.S. You are not are lovely!

  11. LOL! Happy Belated Birthday girl friend! You know you're getting old when you start losing hair where you're supposed to and start getting it where you're not!

  12. Happy Birthday! Funny post. I love it.

  13. Happy, happy birthday, Wendy! I'm old, 'cause I pee that much at night AND during the day. Did you mention that when your parents ask your age, they say, "Oh, no, you're not that old are you?" (Mine do-they're 86.)

  14. Ha! Yes, I'll play. You know you're getting old're at Target and tell your kids you need to stop at the restroom and they wail, "Again?" Happy Birthday, Wendy!!

  15. A Happy Birthday to you! May you be blessed with many new adventures with the Lord in the year ahead. Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

  16. Happy Happy Birthday! You are still young at heart!

    Love your "getting old" list. I can relate.

    BTW - you also look fab.

  17. Ha! Hilarious list:)

    Happy Birthday! You look fabulous for being "old" :)

  18. Hi Wendy,
    You look like your twenty something. Your list is very cute, I am a HUGE Yoda fan, and I guess I would imagine Yoda saying to me, "Old, You Are!"

    Q. You ask, "You know your getting old when?

    A. The dermatologist tells me that my freckles are
    actually age spots :O) (actually I have both)

    God Bless, Michele Katherine

  19. Happy late Birthday, Wendy! I sure do wanna play:

    You know you're getting old when you register for a website and when the year of birth window pops up, you have to scroll...and scroll...and scroll to arrive at your birth year.

  20. Hi Wendy -

    You're old when you mention an actor or actress, and everyone in the room gets a blank look on their faces.

    You're old when teenagers start holding doors for you and call you M'am.

    Happy Birthday, Wendy! If you're old, I'm ancient. :)


  21. You know you're getting old when all the names in your address book are followed by the letters,"MD"
    (It happened to me once that all the names in mine were just that but they were other people's doctors.:))

    Happy Birthday to you. (You never told us how many candles were on your cake. ;) )

  22. Happy Birthday!

    I can't think of any. What does that tell me?

  23. Hope you had an amazing birthday, Wendy! You're so right, October birthdays are the best! I wish I could have celebrated in person with you.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Well, I know I'm a bit older (just a bit, mind you) when I realize that our oldest son will be 29 in January...

  26. You teach a children's class in which you have to explain what blackboards and chalk were.


    But Cathy W., I LOVE yours.

  27. Happy birthday, Halloween baby! And you are so not old. I've seen when your birthday is. But I hear you on the nap one. I feel like I need one every day!

  28. Happy Birthday!
    You made me laugh because it's scary how well I can relate to most of the things on your list!

  29. You know you're old when your child's back goes out on them and you want to tell Him/Her. That is why they should have given birth to kids.


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