Monday, November 29, 2010

Spun Thoughts

Remember when Prince changed his name and everyone fumbled when they called him the artist formerly known as Prince? He used that ankh symbol. Well, that’s not how I play. Yes, I changed my blog title—thanks to your thoughtful responses to my last post. Yes, I’ve changed my look—thanks to Melanie from Elegant Custom Blogs. (I love it Melanie. Thank you!)

But you’re still here at the same place.

You’ll still get my thoughts spun from the cobwebs in my brain. Was it Rumpelstiltskin who spun straw into gold? I like the sound of that better. Or maybe not. Isn’t that the dark Grimm story about a miller’s daughter, a dwarf and a baby up for grabs? (Yep, I’ll still come at you with random remarks like this one.)

I’ll keep throwing out thoughts as though we’re chatting. Or as though we’re walking together in the bonsai tree mazes inside my mind.

I’m so pumped about the new look around here. Melanie was so attentive to specifics. She was excellent with asking key questions and with follow through. Right now she’s offering FREE blog backgrounds. I highly recommend her work.

Of course I won’t end this post without a question.

How have your thoughts moved lately?

*photo by flickr


  1. Love the new look, Wendy! My thoughts aren't moving today because my stomach is causing an uprising this morning (and no, I'm not pregnant). :)

  2. Oh, my, oh, my! I LOVE IT!!!! It's beautiful, Wendy. And, it's sooo YOU!

    Thoughts that are moving me this morning (well, this weekend) center around Mary. I've been thinking a lot about how Mary must have felt when she was faced with pregnancy before she married Joseph. You asked...

  3. I like the little birds.

    I'm reading Colossians 3 this morning and feeling so convicted.

    In dealing with people, and we must deal with them one way or another, it's so important to keep our perspective properly aligned.

  4. Beautiful new look, Wendy. I love it!

    I've been thinking how God paints the sunrise every was breathtaking today.


  5. Love it, Wendy!
    I've been thinking about the first few verses of John this weekend to prepare for Advent. Amazing.

  6. I love the new look too! The header is really neat, and I love the fonts.

  7. Ooo--sooo pretty! I love it! It's elegant, and the header makes it easy to see that YOU are the author of this blog. Nice!!

    I've been thinking I had a rough week. First the laptop crashed, and then yesterday I woke up with both of my eyes almost swollen shut. They're still really puffy. What's up??

    Sorry to gripe!

    Again, awesome new look!

  8. You need to be a model instead of a writer! Great look. Only concern, and aren't I a pain, is that is loads slower now and that might affect some of your views. Can that be fixed?
    This whole layout seems like you PLUS I love the tagline:)

  9. Whoa! This looks AMAZING!!! I need a blog overhaul. Sometime soon maybe...

  10. Hey Terri,
    I've noticed the slower loads. I'll look into it. Thanks for the words, but I'd hate, Hate modeling. Not in my wiring. Thankful writing is instead.

    Thanks all for the thoughts. Melanie rocked it out!
    ~ Wendy

  11. It's gorgeous! Love the changes.

    My thoughts are frozen in time right now. I'm super stressed about the upcoming move. We have less than two weeks and don't have anything pinned down yet (Army's fault, not ours). Don't even have a date for the movers yet. *sigh*

  12. The blog is beautiful!! I love everything about it!

  13. Wendy, I love this new look to your blog! It's very professional and catchy and makes me want to look around more. Great!

    For the first time in probably...three weeks, my thoughts are actually moving. They woke me up at 4:30 this morning to get a head start. But hey, at least I'm feeling productive today--maybe I'll finally get something done.

  14. Wendy, I love the new look. What a wonderful reflection of you. The links on the left are great. Not only are the titles creative, but I enjoyed reading the content of the pages as well. Kudos to you and Melanie on the fruit of your combined efforts.

  15. Love, love, love the new blog look. And you're so stinkin' adorable it hurts!

    I've missed walking and talking with you over the last little while. Your blog is a highlight read for me.

  16. Oh my is gorgeous here!!! Not that it wasn't before, but this is awesome!! is beautiful, sweet girl. :)

    My thoughts...they drift in and out, like the sea, but they keep me coming back to His feet as before...real and looking upwards.

  17. Nice new look. I love the header! I think faces really attract in all markets. And yours looks fabulous!

  18. Wow! You are gorgeous and so is your new blog! What an outstanding job!!! I love the title and the tag you've chosen for yourself, it's perfect. Congrats on your new look. =)

  19. Hey, I love this. I have nothing profound for you today. Was up at 3am this morning to get to the airport to make my 8am flight home after Thanksgiving but now I'm checking in on all my buds. Love the new look. I'll find my brain and come back later!

  20. Wendy! I LOVE the new look! I'm such a nut for birds, so I was instantly smitten! And your photos are absolutely beautiful!

    The only movement my thoughts have inspired lately have been between hand and mouth, fork optional! :)

  21. Sarah, Hope your stomach has eased up by now. And man, wouldn't that be funny if you were pregnant. I'm laughing hard. You? ;)

    Heather, Two pregnant thoughts and it hadn't even turned 8 yet. I hear you on Mary. I think about what it must of been like. I love the verse when the babies in Elizabeth's belly and her own jumped. And the blog--it is so me.

    Cassandra, I'll check out Col. Yes, I get you on the people thing. Hearing you loud and clear. And the birds are significant b/c the novel I feel most passionate about right now is titled The Partridge Sacrifice.

    Mel, His color palette is really most plentiful and radiant. Glad you got to see that today.

    Heidi, So many verses to look up. Cool you are in preparation mode. I'm in screw my head back on b/c I've been out of town mode. Time to hunker down in prayer.

    Rosslyn, I was really impressed with Melanie. She asked such leading question to get us here quickly.

    Jill, What's up with the eyes? Allergies? I hope it all clears soon. And I agree, it is clear who the author of this blog is now.

    Again thanks, Terri. The tagline came from guidance from my last post and the URL of course. I would suck at modeling. No lie. Bite at it.

    Katie, Thanks. Seriously consider contacting Melanie. She was awesome to work with.

    Ralene, I always knew when we'd be asked to move. Somehow it always was in sync with my being 7+ months pregant. Great book = When the Boxes are Unpacked.

    Hey thanks, Heidi!

    Hi Cindy, Been thinking about you. Thanks for wanting to poke around more.

    Keli, You ooze encouragement. I love it. Got your note (& tea) today. You bless my life!

    Erica, I'm so glad I got to meet you. I feel that every time I hop over to your place. And about the stinkin' comment, you were accurate on that word for sure. ;)

    Bina, Loving thinking of thoughts drifting like the sea. And I felt that as I read it.

    Lynn, Thanks. I like the idea of connecting a name to a face.

    T.Anne, Thanks. I was big time impressed with how fast Melanie pulled this off--how she pieced it together.

    Hey Nicole. Thank you!

    Jennifer, I can see my little girl saying that. Thanks. ;D

    Cathy, I'm not sure I had a profound thought today myself. Nope, not true. Daughter asked in the car yesterday if God loves even Satan. That one had me thinking and I read a couple other posts that stirred in there. So I lie. Profound thoughts won't leave me alone.

    I appreciate you all swinging by to lend your thoughts.

    I'm excited to keep walking with you...

    Here's to hoping you dream of sugarplum fairies (and if you're a guy and you'd rather dream of something like tractors, go for it).

    ~ Wendy

  22. Oh, hey Beth, I haven't logged off yet. Yep, the birds did it for me. I'm sure that's my favorite part--the background.
    ~ Wendy

  23. Beautiful looking blog!
    My thoughts move all the time, only sometimes they circle back to where they started and I have to push them on.

  24. Congratulations on your 'new' blog! Love it! Have a beautiful week & God bless!

  25. I love your changes, Wendy!! Just beautiful. :)

  26. Site looks good... :)
    My thoughts have moved from feeling hopeless about things I can't do anything about to trusting God to do what He is able to do.
    Have a blessed week!

  27. She did a fantastic job, Wendy! It looks professional but really reflects your uniquesses. Love it! :-)

    Hope things are going well for you! Haven't heard any updates from you lately! Hope you'll keep me with any news! :-)

  28. I wish my thoughts would stop moving! LOL

    Beautiful new look! :-) I always wondered why they said the artist formerly known as...LOL

  29. LOVE the new look. Green is my favorite color after all. I did blog and answer your question last week about why I write. Hope you are having a great week :O)

  30. Hi Wendy -

    Stunning! Absolutely stunning! loaded fast.

    Susan :)


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